Yale GEPN 2014 Applicants

  1. It's probably too soon to start this thread- anyone else out there?
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  3. by   sittenfeld
    In my opinion, it's never too early!

    I plan on applying to Yale if I do not get into UIC. I started the application for Fall 2013, but I let the personal statement prompt overwhelm me
  4. by   rainkissedleaves
    Sitten- my first choice is UIC!! Hopefully we will be study buddies in the future!
  5. by   sittenfeld
    I hope so!
  6. by   EmmKay
    The personal statement seems the most challenging by far...how come it's so hard to answer: why do you want to be a ---NP?
  7. by   kris_10
    I know Yale doesn't technically require pre-reqs, but what traditional pre-req classes will you folks have completed when you apply?
  8. by   sittenfeld
    I would have taken anatomy, physiology, nutrition, developmental psych, and would probably be in the process of completing Microbiology.
  9. by   humblemedgirl
    Hi! I pray all of you are well! The application is slated to become available on July 15th! God/Lord willing, I am looking forward to all of us providing support to each other through this monumental proce

    ss! Have a blessed Fourth of July!!! By the way, I am so elated this thread was started already!
  10. by   mzaur
    Quote from ReInventor
    I know Yale doesn't technically require pre-reqs, but what traditional pre-req classes will you folks have completed when you apply?
    All the typical ones -- developmental psych, statistics, sociology, anatomy 1&2, microbiology, nutrition, life science chemistry, etc
  11. by   MAnursing24
    Hi ! I will also be applying for the 2014 cohort, I am completing my Masters in Public Health now and pray this will be the next phase for me good luck to all . I am torn on the specialty selection.
  12. by   LeahRNtobe
    Taking physiology and anatomy will be an amazing help, microbiology is also helpful for understanding pathogenicity. But honestly they start the program at basic and push you through what you need to know. If you have taken the typical pre-nursing courses than you might be less confused, but there is a TON of info to learn so everyone is studying regardless of previous course history. As for the essay, I followed the instructions and answered every part in order. It's difficult, but if you're honest about why you want to be an NP then you'll find an underlying thread that connects all the answers into a nice essay. Also, write about 15 drafts of the essay and ask your friends and family to read it, or find a writing center for help. It's amazing what an outside opinion will do for your perspective. Good luck!
  13. by   mzaur
    You guys working on your personal statement? The question about strengths, weaknesses, interpersonal style, etc, is giving me a headache!
  14. by   SamanthaAnnChiw
    I've taken most of the standard nursing pre-reqs but only one A&P. I am a Lab Tech/Research Assistant so I had to take all the Micro/Chem/Bio stuff a few years back.

    This is the only program that realistically works for me now so I'm excitedly nervous about applying! My essay seems to be coming along pretty well not disjointed but it will need to be cut down since I've got a tendency to be wordy.

    Mzaur- I know what you mean about the strengths and weaknesses. I am not quite sure how I want to word my weaknesses either, I don't want to make myself look like a procrastinating diffident flightly nut bag. But I suppose I can't say things like "I care too much" hehe.

    Madde- I am completing my MPH as well! I'm utterly committed to the CNM/WHNP track Did you have any particular emphasis in your MPH? Mine is general but I tried to tailor myself to women's health whenever I had a chance.
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