What chance do I have of getting accepted into Marquette's DE - MSN?

  1. Hello! I'm currently getting my application together for the Direct-Entry MSN program at Marquette. I'm getting nervous and was wondering if anyone would tell me if they think I have a shot at getting accepted. I have a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, but my GPA is not that strong (just under 3.2). My cummulative GRE score is 1010 with a 3.0 in Analytical Writing (not great, I know). I do not have any experience working in healthcare, but I have worked at a homeless shelter for about 2.5 years. I'm hoping to become a Pediatric NP and work with children in the inner city.

    Here are Marquette's required courses and the grades I received:

    Human Anatomy and Physiology I: A
    Human Anatomy and Physiology II:A
    Chemistry or biochemistry or biology or microbiology (took all of them)
    Inorganic Chemistry I: B
    Inorganic Chemistry II: A
    Organic Chemistry I: D+ (really hurt my GPA!!)
    Organic Chemistry II: C+
    Biochemistry: B-
    Microbiology: B
    Biology II: A-

    Behavioral sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology)
    General Psychology: B+

    Statistics** (including inferential)
    Stats I: B

    I also have taken Calculus I, General Physics I and II, Pathophysiology, Immunology, Genetics, Bioethical Dilemmas, Histology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology and Biology Senior Seminar I and II. I know I have way above and beyond the required science courses, but a lot of the classes I took were pretty difficult and brought my GPA down (especially Organic Chemistry - that was a struggle ). I'm hoping they take all of that into consideration when looking at my GPA in comparison to other applicants who may not have taken as many difficult courses.

    I'm agonizing over my personal statement and trying to make it perfect. I'm focusing a lot on my experience in the inner city and my desire to serve underserved populations. My letters of recommendation should be strong.

    So...if you actually read all of that, do you think I have a chance? I want this so badly - any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!
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  3. by   SHGR
    There was a whole thread on this recently. Marquette Direct Entry MSN 2012
    I got into it not realizing everyone was a DE applicant. I got into their regular MSN pretty easily- GPA 3.2, didn't have to take GRE. I've heard that the DE is more competitive though- but there are a few posters on that topic that you could ask.
    Good luck. I am really looking forward to my first semester there. Do you currently live in Milwaukee?
  4. by   jpflieger
    Thank you! I currently live in Grafton (about 20 minutes north of Milwaukee), but I work downtown, just a couple blocks away from Marquette.

    Congratulations on getting accepted!
  5. by   brandy1017
    You have nothing to lose by applying, but there are deadlines for spring semester. I wonder if its too late at this time?
    Also Marquette is very expensive approx $1,000+credit. I wouldn't be so concerned whether they accept you, vs how will you pay for this and how much student loans do you have and will you have by the end of this degree?

    I believe other colleges also have direct entry, UWM?, Concordia?. There are so many colleges here offering RN and NP programs you have your pick!
  6. by   jpflieger
    I have already applied - the deadline was December 31st...now I wait!

    I know Marquette is expensive, but it's really my only option. I actually graduated from Concordia and they do have MSN programs, but none that are Direct Entry. UWM has a Direct Entry program, but it's only for CNL not NP. My husband has a teaching job in Cedarburg that he loves...so Marquette's really my only option. I'm incredibly nervous and hoping that I will hear good news soon!
  7. by   MissHolland
    I'm anxious, too, jpflieger! I think Marquette is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the other direct-entry MSN programs I looked at (which is all of them!). Am I crazy for thinking this? The program at UHM in Hawaii that I also applied for is much more than double the cost of Marquette.

    I sure hope we hear soon!!!!
  8. by   ruby0810
    @jpflieger: did you get into the program? I'm just measuring my chances as well. Thank you!