Western Health Sciences - Direct Entry MSN - Fall 2013

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    I didn't see a thread, so I started one.

    I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?
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    I am!
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    I start the MSN-E program at Western in just a few weeks. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have
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    Hi Maseca,

    Does federal loans cover all of the tuition until you get licensed?
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    You can get loans for the entire 4 year program, not just the pre-licensure portion.
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    all federal or half private?
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    I'm sure it depends on your individual circumstance, but I have a mix of Stafford loans and Grad Plus loans.
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    I almost started a thread until I stumbled upon this one! If "Western University of Health Sciences MSN-E" is searched, this thread won't show. Is it possible to change the title so we can get a larger following??I was an chosen as an alternate for the 2012 cohort, so I will be reapplying for 2013. Good to see you here Maseca! the new applicants will be lucky to have you because you're such a big help! Can't wait to hear how the next year goes for you guys in the Class of 2016!
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    BlueEyes and Maseca - do you mind telling me a little bit about your background? I'm trying to decide if it is even worth my time applying if I am not near competitive enough.

    My Pre-Req GPA is about 3.2, my overall GPA is about the same. I have no volunteer experience in a healthcare setting but I am an online volunteer counselor for teens. I have also just started the process to become a volunteer host site to collect and give out free cloth diapers to families in need. I have two little kids and have to work full time to support my family so it is hard to volunteer outside the home much. I'm really hoping I would be competitive!

    Any insight you have would be helpful and appreciated!
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    The good thing about Western is that they use a more "holistic" approach. There's really no specific criteria or "point systems" that are found at nearly every other program. Each applicant is looked at individually. I graduated with a 3.45 undergrad GPA and have received mostly A's and B's (and one C! Ugh! Haha) in the prereqs. I do have volunteer experience in the ER and family situations that have included spending a lot of time in the hospital. I work in retail and have been promoted several times into management. I feel like they want to know what you've done with your life and how it's lead you to want to become a graduate prepared nurse. Hope this helps! Have you thought about attending Preview Day? Are you applying to any other programs?

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