Western Health Sciences - Direct Entry MSN - Fall 2013 - page 5

I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    This should be fun!
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    So - all of my documents have been received! Hoping for at least an interview!
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    Is anyone attending the Preview Day? I can't make it
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    Rainkissedleaves, I went last year. Was there anything you were curious about?
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    Hi Blue, nah nothing in particular. I remember speaking with you about the Preview Day last year . I was just wondering who is going and whether we can get statistics about this upcoming years cohort (e.g. # of apps received etc).
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    Ah, yes. I remember I'm curious about the applicant pool also! If I didn't have to work that day I would consider going. Anybody out there want to take one for the team?! I really enjoyed it when I went-very informative and the staff is great too!
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    There will be at least a couple of people from my cohort there to answer questions
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    Maseca, how'd your (almost complete!) first semester go?!
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    Finals are next week. Mildly traumatized Profs are great, TAs are also awesome. All in all it's been an excellent semester!
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    That's good news! I wish you the best
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    Hi everyone!I also applied to fall 2013. Fingers crossed!!I have a question and maybe someone can provide insight. I am currently taking 3 prerequisite courses. 3 weeks left! Would it be beneficial for me to send/ bring in my grades for these courses once I am done?? I am worried because I have so many prerequisites in progress.
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    Hi Jewels! Welcome! I would recommend sending in your updated transcripts once your grades for those classes are posted.

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