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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    ^Oops tried to do a smiley face from my phone and came out all weird lol but not sure how to edit yet.

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    I had my interview on Feb. 14th. Before the interview, I was like .
    After the interview, I was like
    I thought I prepared myself well....But I guess not well enough! SIGH!
    Goodluck to those interviewing this week !
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    I just came back from the interview. It's nothing to worry about. Just be yourself They're really nice and will make you feel comfortable.
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    I just had my interview today as well (in the afternoon) I know it is hard to understand but trust what everyone else is saying, it's very hard to "prepare" for the interview. Your best bet is to feel confident, feel comfortable, and be honest Western Interviewers, faculty, and staff are so amazingly friendly. Your interview will go by faster than you'll realize. HAVE FUN! GL to the ones interviewing tomorrow!

    FYI, they are canceling Saturday's date so the last day for interviews is tomorrow and one of the staff said that we will be getting notification of our status MID march EEK happy waiting everyone!
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    @keeslove3, Out of curiosity, do you know why they are canceling Saturday's interviews and how many people were supposed to show up?
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    @ktonic When I asked her, she said that it is because they managed to fill up all the interview spots so they did not need the Saturday date. I guess this just means more time for them to review our apps
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    @keeslove3: Oh got it! I thought there were actually people interviewing that day and they cancelled everyone's interview lol That would have been horrible! haha Thanks for clarifying!!
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    Good luck to anyone interviewing today!

    Then -- the dreaded wait!!
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    AND the waiting begins (again). Good luck everyone who interviewed
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    Hi! To those that interviewed, about how many applicants were with you???My group had 17. Just trying to play the numbers game an figure out my chances. Haha. Thanks guys! And best of luck!!

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