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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Quote from lithiumpink
    Hey guys congrats on getting an interview invite!

    Random logistical question, but what letter do the last names of those of those that got interviews start with? Probably doesn't matter, but I am wondering if they are going alphabetically? :/
    Hi Lithiumpink,

    I received my invite on 2/5 and my last name begins with a C. Hope that helps

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    Hello everyone,
    I am reading the posts for last year's cohort and feels great to know a lot of you were in our shoes! So it looks like there will be more interview dates coming soon, judging by what they did last year. I am excited / anxious! Reading it definately put me a little more at ease though.
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    I agree, a deadline is a deadline. There are circumstances that can be out of your control, such as your LOR writers taking longer or if you extremely ill- but otherwise I am sure they integrate a fair amount of time with taking those considerations into account. I don't think it is rolling admissions as other schools may be.
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    Hi, I got an interview for Feb 15 and my last name begins with 'N'. Hope that helps.
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    Hoping there's still some interview emails to be sent. Best of luck to everyone who is going next week!!!
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    Hey everyone I remember last year we also thought they might be assigning interviews by last name but that proved wrong as soon as everyone with an interview started saying what letter their last name started with.
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    Hi All, I have an interview for 2/14 and my last name starts with an S.
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    Well there goes that theory lol
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    just got another email with more information about the interview day...anyone else??
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    Not me...

    but for the rest of us, I spoke with a counselor (can't name names on allnurses)

    and she confirmed that interviews will be conducted all throughout the month and they will keep notifying individuals the week before an interview date.

    So there is definitely hope, as the previous cohort also confirmed on here.

    Best wishes
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