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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Hey BlueEyes! I actually did not mention it in my personal statement. That is a great idea though wish I would have thought of it lol. But the truth is that I called and asked what I could change about my app and the answer I received was very vague. In fact, she seemed impressed that I had made it onto the alternate list. She also said that it was a matter of when I applied that affected me. I applied 2 weeks before the deadline... But your right I too feel like we deserve at least an interview veterans at this app stuff haha nice to see familiar names on the forum though!

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    Good question! My degree hadn't conferred yet, but I had all of the pre-reqs done. I applied on a whim! In hindsight, I should've applied to more. I was mainly looking in the Southern California area, but have since broadened my horizons!
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    Hey rainkissedleaves I too applied to last years cohort. I was excited to have made it on the alternate list but I have been on alternate lists for other schools and programs and the wait is torture literally haha at this point I have also considered community colleges for ADN programs that is how bad I want to become a NP I just want to start already. Just want a shot you know?
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    Ah I see, uce. That's kind of annoying they mentioned it mattered "when" you applied. Especially since they extended it twice last year and once this cycle. A deadline is a deadline. That shouldn't alter anyone's chances...I would think. Don't fret about not mentioning it! It says on our application that we are "re-applicants". I noticed that when checking to make sure all the app materials had been received.
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    I totally agree that it is literally TORTURE! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! ....not that I have any
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    Awesome thanks BE85! I agree a deadline is a deadline. This time around though I applied a week after the application opened hoping it would help me out but not looking too good so far haha . This will probably be my last time applying and if i don't get in at least I will know I tried my best and it wasn't due to "timing" issues.
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    Agreed. I'll be thinking good thoughts for ya...we're the only ones who know what each other is going through! Big hugs to heal the stress!
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    A million thanks BlueEyes I too wish you the best! I hardly post on here due to a lack of things to say but I truly enjoy reading your posts because not only are they informative but I can relate! You are going to make a great health care practitioner I can tell. Lets keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow although something tells me we might not hear about more interviews until next week... Any who it is nice to have someone that can relate!
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    @alyssag24 I got an email around 2pm this afternoon. It basically said, "you're invited to interview... February 14th... Let us know if you're available and we will send more info..."
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    Hey guys congrats on getting an interview invite!

    Random logistical question, but what letter do the last names of those of those that got interviews start with? Probably doesn't matter, but I am wondering if they are going alphabetically? :/

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