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I didn't see a thread, so I started one. I am planning on applying this fall for the Direct Entry MSN program. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Quote from bbarajas4608
    I know! I'm so tempted to drive by and see what is going on! But I think that would consitute me as sort of stalkerish lol! So in the mean time I am just trying to keep busy.
    The early acceptance day was on Tuesday for a couple people! Nothing to drive by anymore interview notices coming soon!
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    Thank you so much for the info!
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    thank you sonjaxlove
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    NP. Just keep busy! I was still in my last semester of undergrad, working, & went out with friends. I submitted my app the last day possible ( after the deadline was extended for our cohort - december 1st), got my interview notice February 13th (a whole month after they started interviews) and got my acceptance email on March 13th time flew
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    Thank you for the encouragement sonjaxlove
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    Hi peeps,

    Does anyone know if the interviews are on a weekday or a weekend? One on one interview or group? Much appreciated!
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    Hi Scooby, interviews last year were usually thurs, fri, sat but they can schedule whenever they like, I suppose! No group interviews, just the applicant and 2 faculty members.
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    Thank you BlueEyes85 for such a quick reply! I was wondering since I reside in San Francisco.
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    I'm feeling like today is our day......
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    I hope you are right superfryk!!!! Good luck to all of us