1. I'm graduating from an ADN program this March and have decided that obtaining a Master's degree in nursing is something that I want to do. I've done some research regarding West Coast University's ADN-MSN and Mount St. Mary's ADN-MSN and think that these two schools would be good choices to continue my education. I know that both programs require some work experience. I just wanted first-hand perspectives from either anyone at WCU or MSMC as to why I should (or shouldn't) go to one of these schools. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   NICURN2013
    I really like WCU. I'm going there for my BSN degree. I'm not sure how the MSN program is, but I really really enjoy the professors and the environment. I know they're planning on doing a lot of updates in the near future too.
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    How far are you into the program? Why did you choose WCU? I'm thinking about attending this April with most pre-reqs finished but the money is whats holding me back and also because they are not WASC accredited yet. How much are you paying if you don't mind me asking. Please advise. I am tired of waiting around for a school to accept me and its mind boggling to think I would finish in 5 semester with a bsn or 3 years for an ADN if I take the cc route since its waaaaay cheaper! Please advise.