Vanderbilt Pre-Specialty Entry 2012

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    Hey everyone!!!

    I did not see a thread for Vanderbilt applicants for the Pre-Speciality program for 2012 so I am starting one to reach out to all of those who applied

    It appears admission decisions have been made and letters have gone out. I have been accepted to the FNP Specialty and am excited to hear from others who have been admitted to this program!
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    I got into the FNP specialty today too! Yay! Where are you from??
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    Is it your first choice and only school you applied to?
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    I'm located in Southern California...where are you coming from? Right now I have a decision from Columbia on the table and I am trying to evaluate the best choice for me thus far. I also am waiting from UCSF on their decision as I interviewed with them more than 3 weeks ago. There are several other programs I applied to but these are definitely my top 3 for sure! How are decisions going on your end?
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    Hey all! I was accepted for midwifery! Congrats to you!!

    PS: There is also this thread going on:

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    oh wow!! Thank you black bird singing!!! HAD NO CLUE!

    Thank you!
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    Hey! It looks like the conversation's going back to the other thread, but I got into the PNP-PC specialty this morning. I'm from Washington, and I also applied to Marquette (accepted) and MGH Institute (waiting to hear). Vanderbilt is definitely my first choice, so I'll be sending my "yes" to them this week!
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    Hi everyone,
    I applied to Vanderbilt's FNP program for early acceptance and have not gotten a letter so I guess I didn't get in. I'm trying to find out if anyone knows if this means I didn't get in for good or just didn't get in for early acceptance? Like, will my application still be held against others who come in later or am I just screwed. And, can I apply for PNP for this year still or can you only apply one time per year? I have a masters in Psychology and a 4.0 GPA so I feel like I might have a better chance of getting in PNP but I chose FNP because I wanted to be more versatile. Congrats to all of you who got in!
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    Hey musiclove, I know its hard to hear about others receiving their letters but i do know the admissions office is STILL reviewing applications and issuing out admit letters. I wish you all the luck!
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    Just found out I've been accepted to the FNP speciality track, as well! Does anyone know how big our class/cohort size is?

    I've already started looking for apartments and churches in the area, haha.