USA BSN-DNP Program Spring 2013...Any other applicants out there? - page 3

I applied for the BSN-DNP FNP Program for Sping 2013 entry, and eagerly awaiting for acceptance letters to go out! Has anyone else apply for this program?... Read More

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    Oh okay! I am feeling little better knowing I'm not the only person hasn't yet received the letter. To be honest I have no idea why I didn't get the notification. Odd but I did get an email telling me during admission process that packet was completed. However no email updated letter being mailing out. That's why I am worrying there might be a reason.

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    I got my letter for the MSN Advanced Emergency Nursing Dual Role program on Friday (October 19th). It seems it is taking longer for the DNP letters. I hope to see some of you in NU 545, 607, and 608 this Spring!
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    I received my acceptance today to the Psych Family NP Track. Good luck everyone.
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    Still nothing. I was hoping today since I'm at Ft. Benning, GA which is just a few hours from the school. E-mailed the advisor, she said I should have something by the end of the week.
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    To those of you worried because you didn't get an email update, I didn't either and was accepted to the psych np msn program. The submit by date on my letter is Dec 1. Good luck everyone. Btw, I live in fl (pretty close to Alabama)
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    RNUS are you in the DNP program? If you don't mind me asking what are your stats? I applied for the psych DNP program.
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    psych DNP
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    JJOHNSCAR, yes I'm in the DNP program. 3.61 overall including other degrees; nursing 3.35 with a horrible grading scale from my school. Most of my B's should have been A's on a regular university 10-point grading scale but oh well. Psych RN in hospital at charge nurse level x 2 years. Years in other medical fields.
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    Same here >=93 for an A at University of Oklahoma. At the time I applied, I had been a Psych RN on a forensic unit for a couple of months. I'm an ACT team nurse now. I'm hoping my overall gpa and lack of experience didn't hurt me too much. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    Your stats look great. Give the courier another day or two. My guess would be today being the earliest (likely) to receive a letter in some locations because letters for the DNP were sent out Friday. Tomorrow and Wednesday would seem more to be the norm. I was hoping for today but also knew tomorrow was more probable.

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