USA BSN-DNP Program Spring 2013...Any other applicants out there? - page 2

I applied for the BSN-DNP FNP Program for Sping 2013 entry, and eagerly awaiting for acceptance letters to go out! Has anyone else apply for this program?... Read More

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    I have not heard anything yet either. Let us know if you get a letter! Good Luck to all.

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    I called them yesterday and the secretary said they are expecting to mail out letters this week. We'll all get a letter (not email) for either acceptance or denial.....
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    Can anyone tell me how long is the DNP program?
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    Hi Guys,

    I received an e mail from the school this evening stating the decision letter will be put in the mail on Friday morning, Oct 19.

    It was also indicated in the letter that there 318 applicants....and the decision was based on admission requirement of 3.0 as calculated by NursingCAS.

    Good luck everyone!!!!

    The wait is almost over......
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    eeeek!!! The suspense after that e-mail is killing me!! good luck everyone!!!!
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    aack....I feel same way, quite torturing!!!!
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    How come didn't I get the notification via email too? Is school that sending that email or NursingCAS?
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    Check your junk mail. Good luck!!!!
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    Nothing in my junk mail either. Is school that sent that notification or NursingCAS? I might not be accepted then since no letter came and no email. They probably sent to those who accepted first. Congratulations to all who got accepted!
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    It was sent by the school. I'm yet to receive the decision letter in the mail. Why do you think you were not accepted? I'd advise you to wait for the decison letter, maybe you were not sent the e mail by omission.....

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