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    Anyone apply for the Summer MSN or fall DNP? I receved an email stating we will hear back on tax day.... I'm a little nervous now.
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    I applies for the dnp post bsn. I have not received any email about when a decision will be made. Maybe I didn't get on
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    I applied for the DNP and the MSN - trying to hedge my bets. Either way I will be continuing on but I just want to get in!!
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    I applied for BSN to DNP for the fall. I didn't receive an email either stating when a decision will be made. What specialty did you all apply for?
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    I applied for the Womens health DNP and MSN. I've been reading comments about the gpa they accept. Someone said 3.5 and I am at 3.3 so I have realized I probably won't get in.

    The email I received was from them stating that my application was complete and that I should hear around April 14th.
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    That is still a strong GPA so I wouldn't count yourself out yet. Maybe the difference in specialties is why you received an email and the rest of us didn't. I applied for the Psych NP DNP program. Good luck!!
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    I hope so. The date they gave was April 15th so I will be stressed until then.
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    I applied for dnp emergency specialty. I will probably not get in either. My nursing is 3.5 and overall 3.0. How do you increase your gpa? Retake classes or take new ones?
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    well your overall is better than mine. I refuse to take more classes. It is what it is.
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    Found out I got in to the MSN program for the summer! Still havent heard about the dnp for fall. I'm nervous but excited.