University of San Diego MEPN 2013

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    Hi everyone. I've been looking through the forum and can't seem to find any information from people who applied to the USD MEPN program for this upcoming fall. I've seen posts from previous years but was wondering who else applied for this fall? Hope to hear from some of you soon! Interviews are coming up!

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    Hi! I also applied to the MEPN program at USD, and will be interviewing next week Thurs/Fri! Looking forward to meeting you!!
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    Hi! I looked for a thread too and never found one. I'll also be interviewing this Thursday and Friday. Looking forward to it.
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    Hey guys. Ya I actually already interviewed because I'm out if the country this week. I am so sad I'm missing the events Thursday ad Friday. You guys will have to let me know how it goes!
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    Nice! How did your interview go?
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    I think it went well! There were two people interviewing me. Lasted about 25 minutes. Ah I was so nervous! Are you excited for Thursday/Friday??
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    I'm pretty nervous too! Excited but nervous. It's my first in person interview for grad school, so far I've had a phone interview and I have a Skype interview tomorrow.
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    Nice! Where else did you apply??
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    Hey, I just joined so I could respond. I'm sitting in a coffee shop waiting to drive over to USD for the evenings events. I'm so anxious about the interview tomorrow but excited to get the process moving. I had an interview in January and my nerves had the upper hand…so I've abstained from coffee.
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    I'm sure you will do great! The January interview hopefully helped you get over the nerves and you'll be just fine now!So where is everyone else applying?Please tell me how everything goes I'm so sad to be missing it :/

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