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  1. 0 Anyone else applying for the DNP FNP program at UW in Seattle? I'd love to hear what you know about expected decision dates and your personal stats if you feel like it. So far I haven't found any posts related to this years application pool for this particular program. Thanks in advance!
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    I have applied to the DNP , ANP but I have no information except the blog stated that we would hear back by April 15th
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    Wow finally, SOMEONE else applying to UW! Was your application deadline Jan 15 like mine was? I must have missed that blog. Thanks. Are you applying to other schools?
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    Yes, it was
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    I did not apply to others schools this point how about you? Are you in the Seattle area?
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    I applied to George Washington University as I am in Baltimore now and I was rejected. It is so discouraging especially since last year I was wait-listed from GWU. I am originally from Portland. I am 25 and really wanted to get started with an AP degree before I settle down. I guess I have to wait to see.
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    I was accepted to the DNP ANP program at UW! I got the letter today! Good Luck to you!
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    I was rejected this time thank though. Do you mind sharing your undergrad GPA and or years of experience in the field? Do you know if they calculated a cumulative GPA? My ADN GPA was lower than my BSN program so I think that contributed to my rejection but it would be helpful to know what the stats look like for those who got in. Congratulations!!!
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    Not sure if this helps but I got into the post BSN DNP program (FNP) at GWU and my nursing GPA was 3.74, cumulative was around 3.6.

    Do you have volunteer experience? Ive heard from others that volunteer experience plus references play a huge role at GWU.