University of Texas AE MSN Summer of 2014

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    I am planning to apply to the 2014 AE MSN program, at UT Austin, in August. I noticed that this site has A LOT of helpful feedback. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best preparations when applying to these competitive programs? My GPA is a 3.6, I have a BS in Health Science, I have worked in health care administration for 14 years and I am ready for a change. I just want to feel confident about my application and would appreciate any advice.

    Thank you

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    I'm applying in August also! I'm preparing for the GRE now and I will be taking Microbiology in the fall. I have a good prerequisite GPA and I'm only a little worried about my upper division GPA. After I finished my master's program I ended up with a 3.5 but I am not sure if they will also count my upper division GPA from undergrad. Anyway, good luck with the application! What concentration are you applying for? I want to do Child Health with a role specialty in Public Health.
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    hello fellow applicants. i too am applying in august for 2014. i'm been studying for the gre like crazy. my hope it to be accepted in the psych np program. after reading the posts from last year (3 spots) i'm kind of worried. i've got a 3.9 gpa undergrad an i've done mostly a's in all the prereqs. i have 20 years of healthcare experience but in management. anyway. it would be nice to connect with other people who are trying to get in.
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    Hello! I am also applying. I have not yet taken the GRE but I'm planning on taking it in September. I will also graduate in December with my BS in Health.
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    Im Applying as well, I have a BA in History, a Masters in Health Administration from GW, and have 5 years of hospice management experience. I now own a wine bar, but I am missing healthcare a lot right now. They wont take my GRE scores because they are from now studying for the GRE. Anyone know what they put the most importance in?
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    Hello all!
    I'm applying to the psych NP track. I have a masters in counseling but am not content with the limitations of this profession. From what I've read and heard, they really look for volunteer experience with a psych NP or psychiatrist as opposed to other health professionals. I heard the psych NP track will have 6-8 spots this year and is looking to keep growing in the upcoming years.

    Hopefully many of us will have good news in a few of luck everyone!
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    Just a heads up to the Psych NP people, there were 4 spots available in this years cohort, we were also told there would be 6-8. They have problems finding psychiatrists and psych NP's to precept, so it's hard to know how many spots will actually be available.
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    i've decided to switch and apply for public health. i have more experience in this area. my upper division prereq gpa is 3.8 and gre verbal 160 and math 157. not great in math, but i hope they don't hold that against me. super exhausted after all the gre studying and application prep. keeping my fingers crossed. good luck to all of us.
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    I'm hoping I get accepted! I did not do very well on my GRE but I am involved in so many organizations at my school and I have alot of volunteering experience. I included this in my personal statement so I'm hoping that will help
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    Did everyone get their application in on time?? And does anyone know when we can expect interviews? Strange that so few have posted on here compared to the past two years' threads...
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