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For all those starting the DNP program in the fall. We have created a facebook page. Look for "University of South Alabama DNP Fall 2012" group on Facebook. This thread will also be a great place for general discussion as we all... Read More

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    Quote from CassB
    My overall GPA was 3.7. USA only looks at your cumulative GPA. My essay was only one page long. I believe there was a word limit on it. I honestly did not spend much time on the essay. I stated my reason for wanting to continue my education and that was that. When I applied, I had two years of psychiatric nursing experience in both an inpatient and outpatient setting under my belt. Everyone is nervous when applying, so telling you not to be is pointless lol. Just know that you have as good a chance as anyone else. If your GPA isn't as strong, maybe your work experience is. Or maybe your essay will be better than most. Good luck!
    I was just wondering if the USA DNP program is completely online? Also, I haven't seen on the admissions section for USA that references are needed, do they require any references for admission? Thanks in advance for any information!!! Also good luck to everyone starting this Fall!!

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    Yes, it is completely online except for clinical hours. Those are done in the area you live. I believe there is one time when students need to travel to campus for about three days during the second year for clinical orientation. USA does not require references or GRE. Good luck if you decide to apply!
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    So happy to have found this thread. I have a question about USA. Such a pity that i missed the deadine for the spring semester which was Aug 1. My question is this, How possible is it for one to get admission with USA for BSN to DNp track? I have 3.4 GPA with my ADN, then 3.91 with my BSN. I am really nervous about the GRE and at the same time, I really would like to get my Doctorate degree straight like USA offers. I need help y'ol...Thanks
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    I applied for the Spring program as well. Any feedback on how the process went from application to acceptance? I'm sweating bullets! USA was my first choice. My GPA is comparable to the others I see posted and my essay was just over a page. How long to hear from them initially? Thanks for the feedback!
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    Hi all
    I'm actually making up my mind to apply to the post masters tract for fall 2013. Just looking over the requirements right now. I'm still working on finishing up my MSN this fall locally as an Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist!! Can't even remember my undergrad GPA but my current overall for MSN is at least 3.6. Hope that's good enough to help get me in.

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