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  1. Anyone apply for the Summer MSN or fall DNP? I receved an email stating we will hear back on tax day.... I'm a little nervous now.
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  3. by   bkennedy
    I applies for the dnp post bsn. I have not received any email about when a decision will be made. Maybe I didn't get on
  4. by   sheronep
    I applied for the DNP and the MSN - trying to hedge my bets. Either way I will be continuing on but I just want to get in!!
  5. by   CassB
    I applied for BSN to DNP for the fall. I didn't receive an email either stating when a decision will be made. What specialty did you all apply for?
  6. by   sheronep
    I applied for the Womens health DNP and MSN. I've been reading comments about the gpa they accept. Someone said 3.5 and I am at 3.3 so I have realized I probably won't get in.

    The email I received was from them stating that my application was complete and that I should hear around April 14th.
  7. by   CassB
    That is still a strong GPA so I wouldn't count yourself out yet. Maybe the difference in specialties is why you received an email and the rest of us didn't. I applied for the Psych NP DNP program. Good luck!!
  8. by   sheronep
    I hope so. The date they gave was April 15th so I will be stressed until then.
  9. by   bkennedy
    I applied for dnp emergency specialty. I will probably not get in either. My nursing is 3.5 and overall 3.0. How do you increase your gpa? Retake classes or take new ones?
  10. by   sheronep
    well your overall is better than mine. I refuse to take more classes. It is what it is.
  11. by   sheronep
    Found out I got in to the MSN program for the summer! Still havent heard about the dnp for fall. I'm nervous but excited.
  12. by   CassB
    congrats!! april 15th needs to role around...
  13. by   CassB
    Did you receive an email or letter in the mail? Acceptance letters are supposed to be going out today. I've seen some people in the past say they received an email and others a letter.
  14. by   sheronep
    I received a letter. I haven't received an email from them except to say my application for the fall msn was incomplete - though I never applied to the fall msn! It freaked me out. I think that's my cue I have not been accepted to the fall dnp. But I don't want to be greedy. I am happy with the msn!