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Just started the app for this school's program. Anyone else thinking of applying here? I'm pretty annoyed at how expensive the application is: $100 for the grad school and $65 for the NursingCAS... Read More

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    I too am waiting to hear from UH... I also received a phone call about 3 weeks ago asking some questions about my application. I am applying to the FNP track. I know that the admissions office closed on December 17th for the holidays and will reopen January 2nd, so I was under the impression that all decisions would have been made before the break. Especially since samdaman's admittance letter said that he needs to have the deposit in by January 4th if he decides to go there. Who knows, maybe they are still working on apps during their break? But the wait is definitely grueling

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    I'm wondering why they didn't call me to ask questions now lol! Oh dear.
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    @mrobinson69600 I applied for the dual FNP/ Advanced public nursing program. Im glad that this forum was developed, it helps knowing others are in the same boat. I also agree, no news is good news.
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    I think that they may have picked the first round of students and after January 4th they will pick the second round of students. Once they have a solid number of individuals attending the program at UH they will send out the acceptance emails for round two. I hope we are not at the mercy of others not attending, but I believe we may be. This is pure speculation. I have been stressing over this for the past three weeks so I may be way off.
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    Thanks for that post melyssamajano! I hope you are right, all this waiting gives me anxiety. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one stressed out.
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    I just received an email from the admissions people saying they received my Fall 2012 transcript that I had sent over before UH's offices closed for the holidays... so that is reassuring that decisions have not all been made quite yet. Anyone else hear anything recently? Happy New Year!
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    I havent heard a peep yet. These next couple of weeks are going to drive me insane! I hope that we all receive good news from UH. Keep posting.....its nice knowing that we are still in the running!
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    No news is better than bad news, I suppose.
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    I wonder how many individuals they are allowing into each specialty track. Hopefully there is a spot for us all! No news for me today.
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    Fingers crossed!!!!

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