University of Cincinnati Online FNP Fall '12

  1. Anyone beginning UC's online FNP program for the Fall '12 term? I'm looking to network/share information with fellow classmates.
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  3. by   ChubbyNDRN
    Splendid: I got accepted in the Fall '12 term too! Very excited.
  4. by   Splendid Splinter
    Congrats! I'm anxious to get started. A recent grad works within my organization and has had great things to say about the program.
  5. by   ChubbyNDRN
    I'm eager to start too. You planning on working full time?
  6. by   Splendid Splinter
    Yeah, unfortunately I don't have a choice. I have to stay as close to 40 hrs/week as possible for insurance purposes. I work four 10's, so I always have a day off during the week to devote to clinicals. My manager is extremely supportive of continuing education and has said that she is willing to be flexible with my schedule to make it all work.
  7. by   ChubbyNDRN
    same here, but I work 3 12s, and some new grads of ANPs say that two courses w/a full-time schedule is completely doable (even if we are taking biostats and physio).
    What sort of unit are you on? Any idea what field you're interested in?
  8. by   Splendid Splinter
    I work in the OR. I would like to first assist. How about you?
  9. by   ChubbyNDRN
    I work in ICU. I'd most like to specialize in derm, but wouldn't mind doing primary care either.
  10. by   Splendid Splinter
    My manager has been encouraging me to look into derm. Funny, because she is a career OR nurse. I thought she would have steered me more in that direction, but she's really promoted keeping an open mind. I'm excited to be exposed to areas I might not have considered otherwise.
  11. by   ChubbyNDRN
    Very interesting! I agree, I'm very excited to start clinicals so I can explore my options. I'm a bit nervous about finding preceptors, but I hope to start making contacts early. Are you based in OH? I'm in Indianapolis, right in IU Medical Center. I should have my options, but I know it can be hard to get MD/NPs to take on a student.
  12. by   Splendid Splinter
    I'm in NH. I have a couple of NP's that have agreed to take me on. One graduated from an online program so she sympathizes with trying to find good preceptors without help from the university. I have heard from others that it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure clinical placements in the area. We'll see how it goes, I guess!
  13. by   Rpicker2
    Hi guys, I have a question for both of you. How long did it take to get accepted? I applied to u of c around the 14th of feb to start fnp spring 13'. Congrats to you both on getting accepted!!
  14. by   SmiK12
    I applied for the spring FNP program at UC also, but at the end of Feb so havnt heard anything either.