University of Cincinnatti FNP spring term 2013 - page 2

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I just got accepted for '13 spring term! I would like to meet up with some cohorts and take any advise given!! Anyone know about the biostatistics course? I hated statistics!... Read More

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    Thanks for your help. I listen to lectures today for Patho. Will print out presentations/ slides and go over again and again. I will email if I have any questions, if it is okay. I will be in the ANP program. Again, thanks.
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    Is anyone else having problems accessing the course for patho? I was able to access the class before Jan 1st but when I signed in today it shows I am registered but the link is grayed out! This has me worried...and of course I tried calling the program manager but it went straight to voicemail.
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    Instructor closed it out this morning. She sent out an email.