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Hi folks, Thinking about applying to UIC's GEP program. Anybody here applied and was accepted? What were your stats? My stats: 3.2 Overall GPA/3.5 Sci BA in Sociology. Office Manager in home... Read More

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    And I figured I would post my stats while I'm over here having mild anxiety due to the Super Bowl.

    Cumulative Undergrad GPA is barely a 3.0 (I struggled my first and second years)

    Last 90 Qtr Units = 3.53

    GRE (quantitative, verbal, writing): 153/157/5

    Ran two health focused community service projects during college

    Currently volunteer at a shelter that deals primarily with the homeless and those with mental illnesses

    Work in a medical office (front office stuff)
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    Nice Good strong GRE scores you got there. Are you in state or out of state?

    Super bowl ah..not interested. Home alone working on my essays while everyone's out at a super bowl party.
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    out of state from CA!

    and the Super Bowl was another reason why I needed to finish my essays asap. although I ended up disappointed
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    CA here as well. SF native lol
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    Okay called and left a message to the director of the program about word limit!

    and OMG this morning I got a call from UIC and they told me I applied for the wrong term (Fall 2013 instead of Spring 2014). I was like AHHHH sorry got too excited to attend UIC. LOL

    Anyways, filled out another app. Supplemental should be on its way. Fee got waived.
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    Oh no! At least it got caught in time!
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    Okay got a call!!

    They said for the goal statement there is no minimum. However, the volunteer experience essay should be 600.

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    Wonderful, thank you for clearing this up!
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    That's good! I think I probably could have added more to my goal statement but hopefully I got my point across in 600 words!
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    Just finished all my essays. Will be sending in the supplemental by the end of this week!
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    Great! I'm anxiously awaiting my recommenders' submission of their LORs. Trying not to be that annoying person who emails them every few days to make sure they haven't forgotten... :-/
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    My goal statement is long.

    1533 words.

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    oh wow!

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