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Hi folks, Thinking about applying to UIC's GEP program. Anybody here applied and was accepted? What were your stats? My stats: 3.2 Overall GPA/3.5 Sci BA in Sociology. Office Manager in home... Read More

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    When are we supposed to send the transcripts?
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    I don't understand the whole transcript part. The supplemental mentions nothing about it and the website says we are supposed to upload it to the "UIC graduate application." I was never prompted to do that though... I think I'll just call and see if I can mail them in. I'm assuming they want it before March 1st.
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    I am able to upload unofficial transcripts to my graduate application. Aren't you?

    I will call to ask if I need to mail them just in case as well.
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    Wait maybe I did do that? I don't remember now! Haha so many applications later I'm just not sure. Well if you figure it out let me know and I'll do the same!
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    Haha maybe you did!

    So for the supplemental application- I guess the email to our recommenders only go out once we finish the supplemental? I wish there was a way to send it earlier. Or at least if I could know the format of the recommendation (if its a letter or an evaluation form that they ask to fill out).

    Any thoughts?
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    Hi all. I just finished and submitted my supplemental application last night for Adult/Gerontology Acute Care NP! I was also a little confused about the unofficial transcripts, but I figured it out. If you go back to your graduate application, which you can do just by logging in with the username/password you created, you should be able to see general information about the status of your application (i.e. mine now says "Application Materials Received - Please await further updates" since I've submitted everything). If you scroll down the page, you'll see a heading called "Requirements," and under that you should be able to upload your unofficial transcripts.

    Also, here is the sample recommendation form that is posted on the website: http://www.uic.edu/nursing/forms/ELE...AMPLE- GEP.pdf

    I hope that's helpful!
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    Thanks Sara!!
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    When I am entering my grades on the supplemental app- how do I add lab and lecture component separately? I got different grades in lab and lec for physiology.

    Any thoughts?
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    I had the same problem. I just put down my lecture grade. Since they will have my transcripts anyways and do their own review I'm guessing they will catch it.
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    Yeah thats what I did as well. Okay one more question- is it just me or my graduate application states that under "Additional Program Requirements" (the tab below where you submit unofficial transcripts) I need to submit NURSING DEPARTMENTAL MATERIALS. I click on the active tab and it sends me to this page: UIC College of Nursing | Prospective Students

    I don't get what materials I have to submit...
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    I checked and the same thing happened to me. I'm not sure what the issue is, but by looking at the checklist under how to apply on the website I know I've completed everything...
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    Hi all!

    I felt the same way about submitting the supplemental app. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my essays so I can submit it ASAP for my recommenders.

    I am applying to Psych NP program.
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    And I managed to upload my transcript from my university, but I don't see an another link to upload additional transcripts for courses taken after the completion of the Bachelor's degree...