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Hi folks, Thinking about applying to UIC's GEP program. Anybody here applied and was accepted? What were your stats? My stats: 3.2 Overall GPA/3.5 Sci BA in Sociology. Office Manager in home... Read More

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    Pd31 -- End of March into early April
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    Did anyone apply to the FNP program? I received an invitation for an interview today.
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    I applied to FNP. Are you applying to the regular MSN program though or the GEP? I just ask because I see your username says you're an RN.
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    MSN. I know this is a thread for the GEP but I didn't see any others for MSN FNP's. @hi616 How about you?
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    Oh okay. I'm doing GEP. It seems like the MSN program deadline was a month before ours so I'm totally jealous you guys are hearing about interviews now. Although I guess you will have waited the same amount of time we do haha.

    Have you been an RN long? What made you choose FNP?
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    MaleRN55 -- scared me for a second! Haha.
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    Hi there! I'm also applying for the FNP program (GEP). I just called UIC today and they said notifications for interviews won't go out until a week from the interview date. They do skype interviews or in-person interviews with 4-5 other ppl. So nerve wracking!
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    That IS nerve racking! Especially because those of us who want to make the best impression (I know they say it doesn't matter if you choose a Skype interview, but somehow I still think it's safer to interview in person) will only have a week to buy a plans ticket so that could be pricey. I just want to know! UIC is my one shot this year and I really want to get in!
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    That's crazy they give such short notice. So if I'm understanding you right it's a group interview if you do it in person? Grrr I hate group interviews...
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    Yes, it's a group interview if you do it in person and a one-on-one interview if you do it in Skype. I don't know which one is better... lol. And, I know what you mean JustD16! I'm from California so just a one week notice to fly out there will be extremely expensive!
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    That seems a little... unfair to me that the in person interviews aren't one-on-one if the Skype interviews are. I don't know if unfair is the right word. I don't like to sound like I'm complaining. I just feel Skype interviews would give the applicant more chance to "shine." I guess it could go either way though. I would feel obligated to do in-person since I'm in Chicago already
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    I'm just wondering where I would stay when my interview date approaches. I'm from CA as well. Do they have accommodations for interviewees or we just live in a hotel?
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    Yeah, I already (perhaps subconsciously) decided that I will be doing a Skype interview. It's simply too short notice for work and to buy a ticket... It's already about $300 to fly from CA to IL so I can only imagine what it would be like to buy a ticket days before you left. I will dress my upper half and make sure to have a strong Internet connection.

    hi616 –– You raise a valid point, but perhaps there would be more of an opportunity to chit chat with interviewers if you had an in person interview. And of course, you would be privy to more information that would undoubtedly be given.