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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing up pre-reqs and taking the GRE... Read More

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    just got an email from Julie with the attachment of rejection. Looks like this will be my last post on this group...for anyone who's curious here's the copy:

    We have reviewed your application for admission to our Graduate Entry Masters Program and I am sorry to inform you that you have not been selected to progress to the interview process. Please be aware that admission to this program is highly competitive. We had many well-qualified applicants and had to make some difficult choices. Your interest in our program is sincerely appreciated, and we regret that we are unable to report a favorable response to your request for admission. If our office can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact Julie Kim, by email at jkim86@uic.edu or phone (312) 413-1085. We wish you success in your pursuit of nursing education

    If I couldn't even get an interview to make it to the top 25 then I must be sorely outgunned for FNP. I may have to reconsider what to do with my future plans...
    Anyway, good luck to the rest of you!

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    Well, I'm just waiting for my PNP rejection letter... Which I assume is inevitable since interviews are over (and don't think you have to change all of your plans just because this one school didn't interview you! ...As disappointed as I know I will be)
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    Samdaman... I received the rejection too. Don't stop! There are other programs out there and that you still have time to apply for! I'm starting my Rush and DePaul apps tomorrow! Good luck to those who were accepted!
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    I also received the rejection email last night. Although I felt the way UIC handled the admissions process was very unprofessional (refusing to return emails, phone calls and missing deadlines) I am disappointed that I will not be part of UICs great nursing program.Both Rush and Depaul have masters programs that will give you a MSN with classes that can be used towards your DNP. I have actually come to like their program better although if I had gotten into UIC I probably would have gone.Thanks for everyone's advice. This forum has been extremely helpful.
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    You definitely should not change your plans based off of one school. There are other schools that you can apply for or you can try again next year and in the meantime get some experience that'll make you stand out like working on research etc. This is just one school and if its your dream school try again next year.

    Although according to UIC you can complete your DNP in two years after your MSN.

    I recently had my interview on Monday. I am extremely nervous and anxious waiting to hear their final decision. Wish me luck.
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    I am sorry to hear about everyone who received a letter of rejection I also think that everyone should still pursue this career if it is your goal! Rush and DePaul are amazing programs! If I don't get into UIC I am definitely applying! Loyola also has the ABSN program. Good luck to everyone!

    Jameese I also had my interview on Monday and am FREAKING out! How do you feel your interview went? I don't know if I exactly liked the group interview. I found it hard to fully demonstrate my personality, goals, and credentials. The staff members were all very nice, which was a huge plus! How did your interview go? Good luck awaiting the news! We hear first week of May, correct? Not too long to go
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    Sorry to those who got rejected. Like others have said, this is not the end!

    Has anyone emailed Julie Kim about when we will hear back on final decisions? During my interview they said the end of April and past years found out around April 23-27th. I did not know if anyone had emailed and gotten a definitive answer...?
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    I had my interview on the 11th and she said that the Graduate college will be meeting in 2 weeks and if I don't hear anything back by May 10th, to shoot her an email. So I guess we will know something within the next 2 weeks or so.
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    It went well I think. Even though 'm not a fan of the group interview. I'm really nervous waiting for their decision.
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    So has anyone heard back about the ACNP that did an interview? Or have any idea when we will hear back? Last year they found out around 4/25. I think the group interview was handled really poorly.. I thought there'd be a chance for a discussion but to just ask us 3 questions sucked. I have no idea if it went well or not. It felt like they had pretty much already made their decisions before we even walked in there. I'm super anxious as well waiting around for a decision and have this terrible feeling I'll be denied or wait listed. I felt like there was one guy in my group who didn't seem as qualified but the other 3 all seemed super qualified- plus I think a guy might get a little extra advantage just based on his gender.

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