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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing... Read More

  1. by   gshear
    So has anyone heard back about the ACNP that did an interview? Or have any idea when we will hear back? Last year they found out around 4/25. I think the group interview was handled really poorly.. I thought there'd be a chance for a discussion but to just ask us 3 questions sucked. I have no idea if it went well or not. It felt like they had pretty much already made their decisions before we even walked in there. I'm super anxious as well waiting around for a decision and have this terrible feeling I'll be denied or wait listed. I felt like there was one guy in my group who didn't seem as qualified but the other 3 all seemed super qualified- plus I think a guy might get a little extra advantage just based on his gender.
  2. by   Karebear18
    hi gshear,

    i applied to acnp and interviewed on the 9th as well. i got the impression from my interview that the interviews were more a formality, to make sure no one had two heads kind of thing. ;-) but yes i had similar feelings about the whole experience as well. i'm not sure i want to get into specifics on here, but if you want to email me i'd happilycommiserate on the interview and waiting process!

  3. by   Meggie1982
    Has anyone heard anything from Women's Health track yet? How did you feel interviews went?
  4. by   gshear
    Does anyone have any idea from friends that previously applied or anything about how many wait listed people ever get in? It looks like last year people got their email acceptance letters on 4/26, I'm going nuts waiting to hear!!
  5. by   mroldan
    Do they wait list a certain number for each concentration? I'm waiting to hear back from UIC and DePaul. Both of them keep telling me that we will find out by the end of the month, but between anxiety and studying for finals I'm pretty sure I'm going crazy as well!
  6. by   mkuzel
    I was moved to Winter application for Depaul. They said my application looked promising but they wanted to see my grades from the finished pre reqs and they would consider me for winter term... She said they had too many good applicants with all their pre reqs done and although I wasn't getting denied, I wasn't necessarily being accepted for winter either... pretty discouraging.
  7. by   mroldan
    Keep your head up! I haven't heard anything from DePaul or UIC yet. What concentration did you apply to for UIC?
  8. by   mkuzel
    Mental Health... on the depaul thread, people were saying how their application status had changed from applied to accepted... but mine had just changed from fall to winter, so I called and thats when she explained to me what that meant... which is confusing to me because I am an A student, so not sure why she would say that they need to see my grades from the last 2 prereqs first, implying they were worried I wouldnt do well in them... you would think that since I got A's in all the other pre reqs and had a 3.4 GPA (3.26 total) for the last 60 credits of my undergrad, they could expect me to get A's on the remaining Chem classes... maybe they really did just have too many applicants that had all their prereqs complete... i noticed some other people on that thread that had the same issue as me... its just discouraging to think, If I didn't get into Depaul, how am I going to get into UIC!?!? Keeping my hopes up tho, only time will tell!!
  9. by   cbrennan1188
    Hi everyone,

    I emailed Julie Kim about when we would received notification and she said the first week of May, but my interviewer told me the end of April. And last years group were told April 25th but found out April 26th. Has anyone heard any definitive dates??
  10. by   b2094041
    During the FNP interviews, they told us we would be hearing the first week of May as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone! I'm sooooooo nervous! I just want to find out already :/
  11. by   Karebear18
    Thanks for letting us know!
  12. by   Meggie1982
    Good morning everyone! This should be the last week of waiting so if anyone hears from UIC let us know! Good luck!!!
  13. by   gshear
    I was just wondering if anyone who is waiting to hear from UIC previously has been wait-listed from any of the other programs (at Rush or DePaul). I'd read from last year's group that there were a few people accepted to UIC that then got into one of the other programs from the wait list so decided to go there instead- so just curious. Hopefully we all hear soon!