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Anyone applying to UIC's graduate entry program starting Jan. 2013? I've glanced at the threads from the past couple of year's and thought I'd start one for the next application cycle. I'm finishing up pre-reqs and taking the GRE... Read More

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    b2094041, if what you say is true then I guess there's still some hope left...but I've been kind of bummed all day and has been making me reflect on what things I can do to improve my package for the other schools I'm hoping to apply to (even though the other ones I'm applying to are even harder to get in...i.e. UCSF, Columbia, Yale...ok, maybe not Univ of Hawaii)

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    I still have a little hope left but this waiting is extremely distracting in my day to day life! I have also been looking at other programs but I need to stay in Chicago. It looks like Rush has a good program but I have not heard much about loyola or depauls program.
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    I found this board this morning, after freaking out for the past couple weeks because I haven't heard anything about my application. I applied for the FNP speciality and just saw some people received emails for interviews. My question is has anyone received an rejection letter or email? Will they email a rejection response?
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    Has anyone had their interview yet? How did it go?
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    I have been wondering that myself. My guess is that they will email the rejection letter but I am not sure. If I do get notification I promise to post no matter which decision UIC makes!
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    I doubt they'll be THAT impersonal by e-mailing rejection letters. I paid good money to at least get a formal letter of rejection.
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    To those who are still waiting for a response (like me):
    I caved and emailed Julie Kim. I asked her when to expect an invitation for an interview and notification of rejection. This was her response:

    We are currently still reviewing applications, and we appreciate your patience. If applicants are not selected for an interview they will be notified in the2nd or 3rd week of April.
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    Well the second week of April is Monday. Thank you for posting her response! At least I can close my email today and relax a little. They must have gotten a lot more applicants than anticipated. Best of luck to everyone with interviews next week.
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    Quote from Meggie1982
    Has anyone had their interview yet? How did it go?
    I interviewed on Wednesday. I think it went well. Standard questions. I had one lady interviewer.
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    Hey! I'm so sorry, we've been so busy with clinicals and I haven't thought to check back here. Ask me anything! Congrats on your interview. Don't stress, you'll be great!!

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