UCLA NP program Fall 2013

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    Hey all, Starting this thread to find out if anyone else has applied to ucla's np program starting this fall 2013. I applied for Acute care np. Would love to find out who has what information. Best of luck

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    Hi mnmary! I too applied to UCLA's ACNP program! Have you checked your decision status online yet? I heard that they've already sent out some rejection letters and just sent out acceptance/wait list letters on March 1. Where are you from? I'm from Illinois so I'll have to wait awhile for any sort of letter, the waiting is unbearable!!
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    Hey! Mine says submitted..... So unbearable uh. I just wanna know now
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    I'm from LA..
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    I applied to the MSN/FNP option at UCLA. Submitted my application on 1/27. Just checked the mail and haven't received anything yet. Cue the crickets. ::chirp, chirp::
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    How do you check the decision status online??
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    Type in you email, click the Fall-2013 button, type in your password, press continue, then it should tell you your status (so far it's just been telling people they've either been rejected or a decision has not been made yet, meaning your either on the waitlist or admitted). Sorry this is so long!
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    I checked the site , it says submitted.... What does it say for you all? Any acceptance/rej?
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    mnmary, did you click on the Fall-2013 part under application term? I also thought my just said submitted until I actually clicked the term and then it had me type in my password to get to my "letter"
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    Hi everyone! I applied for the AGNP program for fall 2013 and am also anxiously waiting to hear back about my admission status. I saw that the MECN students did start receiving their acceptance letters via snail mail on March 1st. I was wondering if anyone knew whether that was just limited to MECN students or for all of the Masters programs? This is my first time applying so I don't know how it was for the previous years.

    Also, just wondering if anyone else applied to other california schools? I applied to UCSF too but still haven't heard back from them either.

    Good luck to all of you!

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