1. Hey everyone!

    I just registered to this allnurses.com website, but I've been using it for years (especially for NCLEX tips)!

    Now I find myself in a predicament. I can't figure out what grad school to go to!! I applied for Adult/Gero NP at UCI & CSULB and Family NP and USD.

    So far I've been accepted to UCI, but they aren't an accredited CCNE school yet. I emailed the dept and they said they would have the accreditation for the MSN program this spring, but I don't want to chance it! Also, their program is fairly new, which can be a disadvantage.

    I had my interview with USD already, and it went very smoothly. Problem is....$19,000/semester is a bit scary! And would it be worth it??

    Lastly, CSULB, my alma mater. I know how CSULB works, comfortable with the campus...but I wanted to try out something new. Especially with all the budget cuts in the educational system, I'm afraid I won't graduate on time. I have a friend who is in a masters program at CSULA and can't get his two last classes to finish because of the budget cuts.

    If anyone has any advice out there, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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  3. by   Stork RN
    Hi fran_cake,

    I will be attending USD's FNP program in the fall. I was really impressed with the program and faculty! From what I understand the total tuition will be around $60,000 for the program. I believe the UC tuition is around $40,000. (correct me if I am wrong). I don't think USD has the same financial challenges the state schools are facing. I heard CSULB was hit hard the past two years. It is a significant amount either way but I am planning on applying for scholarships and might consider working in a medically underserved area after graduation to have my loans paid off.

    If you decide on USD of if you have any questions, please send me a personal message. I live in OC and will be commuting to SD via the train.

    Best of Luck!
  4. by   fran_cake
    Congrats Stork RN! When did you get official word?? When I went to interview at USD, she told me I'd find out by the beginning of May (I turned in all my stuff last minute!). I'm living in the OC too, are you doing part time or full time? Commuting could be an option, but I'd rather move there if I could.

    Sorry, I couldn't find out how to private message. =X Still a newbie to this site!
  5. by   Stork RN
    Hi fran_cake,

    Sorry for just now getting back to you. I worked the last two days :-) I thought there was an easy way to send a private message but it may require upgrading our account.

    I was notified last week of my acceptance but I had turned in my application early on. I am planning on going to school full time but I will still be working so I am leaving my options open.

    Let me know if you hear anything about USD or if you decide on UCI. I live about 5 minutes from UCI.

    Best of Luck!!
  6. by   fran_cake
    Hey StorkRN,

    Just got a letter a few days ago saying I got in to USD FNP program! Still not sure where I want to go. I work at the VA hospital in Long Beach, and I work nights, about 3-4 nights/week. So I think it'd be hard to do full time work and school. Unfortunately the VA doesn't do part time work, so I'm not sure what I can do. *sigh* Well, the good news is I have options, so I'll keep you posted. We might be classmates!
  7. by   Stork RN
    Congratulations! It's nice to have options. I can see why you would want to stay in Long Beach. Keep me posted on where you decide to go.:spin:
  8. by   angel927
    Quote from fran_cake
    hey storkrn,

    just got a letter a few days ago saying i got in to usd fnp program! Still not sure where i want to go. I work at the va hospital in long beach, and i work nights, about 3-4 nights/week. So i think it'd be hard to do full time work and school. Unfortunately the va doesn't do part time work, so i'm not sure what i can do. *sigh* well, the good news is i have options, so i'll keep you posted. We might be classmates!

    hi fran cake.. I work in va lb too. How was ur application to csulb np porgram application?
  9. by   jeyoure
    Hello would you mind telling me about your program?! I was accepted into the FNP Program and would like any information about it possible!