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    I'm looking for others applying to the UB ABS nursing program for this coming May. Past classes have helped each other out and kept each other updated on important information and I'd like to get that going for the May 14 hopefuls!

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    Hey etnursing, I have applied to UB ABS nursing program for May 2014 too.
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    Quote from beestar
    Hey etnursing, I have applied to UB ABS nursing program for May 2014 too.
    Have you heard anything back??! What are your stats??
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    Have you heard anything back!? What are your stats??
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    I have not heard a single word from them ever since I submitted my application.
    I am currently finishing my undergrad at UB and my overall gpa and prerequisite gpa is a 3.4 which is much lower than the average acceptance rate. however, i did and still doing research for UB nursing, volunteered and spent some time on the essay. I don't have high hopes of getting in because I know I'm competing with a lot of extremely qualified applicants, but it is worth the try.

    How about yours?

    I wanted to call them but I have no idea what to ask and UB only require transcripts and not anything else like recommendation letters. and I also know they will send you a notice around Christmas time through e-mail. (I heard from my friends to check the mail carefully because it's not very outstanding or may even go to junk mail)
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    Yeah I haven't heard anything about an interview so I was worried. I have a 3.9 overall and 4.0 pre req but I still have one pre req to do. Also my volunteer background is a lot less medical than it should be so I'm worried. It's a tough program to get into! I also thought it was weird that they wanted no letters or anything.

    Just the fact that you're from UB and have done so much at the school will make up for your GPA which isn't even bad to begin with!

    They'll let us know if we were accepted at Christmas you mean??
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    Yes, they will let us know if we get accepted or not around Christmas time. Just check your e-mail carefully.

    You have a great chance of getting in so there's nothing to worry about. I know many people who got in without any medical background at all. But they were just able to articulate what nursing is based on whatever experience they had. Thank you for your comforting words, I really appreciate it. I know you will get in! Best of luck.
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    BTW, there is no interview unlike many other schools.
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    Yeah that's the scary part! No letters of recommendation, no interview - just grades and experience. Hopefully we all make it!
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    yeah I'm also wondering why are there only 2 of us on this forum!

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