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  1. Okay I have searched far and wide to find a topic relating to this but have only found older ones... I mean come on guys the world isn't really going to end December 2012. So here's to the 2012 application cycle!

    I have a ton of questions for those who are applying and those who have applied and those who are in the program. Any and all input will be much appreciated. Also just so you know, I will be attending the October 1st open house.

    If I were to describe myself, I would say grade-wise I am not the strongest candidate for JHU's nursing program as it is considered top in the nation. HOWEVER I have great experience and recommendations to cancel that out. I am also trying really really hard to make those essays seem great but only 300 words?

    So to anyone reading this post, what do you think I can do to make myself a stronger applicant?

    Relating to specifically JHU, I have heard a million different things about their program. From "it really sucks and is not worth it" to "best program EVER". JHU is supposed to be a school that is the leader in research and also has a global perspective. Can anyone else tell me what is so special about JHU's nursing program? What is your personal experience with it?

    As far as location and campus, I think it doesn't matter as long as the educational program is incredible.

    p.s. You are awesome for reading my novel. There have been many a times where I skipped over long posts.
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  3. by   MarwaT
    Wow, looks like I'm the only one applying here...I guess I'll definitely get in!
  4. by   tinatac
    Wouldn't it be nice if we were the only 2 applying? I think the way to make up for your not so great grades is what you've already done/are doing....good experience, good recommendations, and working hard on your essays. I don't really see what else you can do to make you stand out since those are the things they look at. How are your pre-req grades?

    I have a good GPA and pre-req grades and recommendations. I worry about my experience though. I've volunteered at my local ER and I currently work for a company called Health Fitness so I'm hoping that will help!
  5. by   MarwaT
    Ah! I forgot to update this thread!

    Thanks for the reply! My pre-req grades are not lower than a B and I would say is a B+ average.

    I recently attended this chat session and I got a lot of information that made me feel better about my application. Someone who works there said that they have turned down 4.0s and accepted 2.5s all based on their whole application. It really is a holistic view they are taking on. Also their average past class GPA is a 3.4-3.6. I would say that's not bad at all! My overall GPA is a 3.2!

    They also mentioned some other important things like they aren't doing a traditional nursing program anymore, just two different accelerated portions. One is longer than the other and the longer one starts later! I also asked, if we were not to get accepted into the shorter earlier one would we reapply? They answered that admissions would see what is a better fit for you and would notify you if they chose the longer and later cohort.

    I can't remember exactly the rate of people they accept but I remember it was not too shabby. I think I whittled it down to a 50/50 chance.

    I am attending the information session tomorrow so I will update with more information!

    Also tinatac, I spoke to them specifically about experience and they said that they understand we come from different backgrounds and may not have the experience yet. It is probably good to get exposure to reinforce why you want to be a nurse (as one of the essay prompts asks). It sounds like you already have that though!

    Have you completed the application yet? I am so stumped on the response to a challenge prompt. I really can't think of anything!
  6. by   tinatac

    That all sounds good I'm kind of surprised really because I've heard they get 1000 applicants so the acceptance rate can't be too good!

    I have started the application. I've briefly looked at the essays but haven't done them yet. I'm currently working on getting apps that are due sooner..ill be working on JHU in the next week or 2.

    Definitely let me know what you hear at the next info session!!
  7. by   PoetWhittier

    I graduated from JHUSON ABSN program, and I wouldn't recommend it. I'd say go there ONLY if it's the only program that accepts you or if you have no time to apply to other programs. No matter how wonderful an experience it promises, you'll come out looking at a mountain of debt that was entirely avoidable. I am in the unfortunate position of having a large debt and hating my time there; on so many levels I regret that I didn't apply to other places. My only consolation is that I have a nursing degree, which feels almost invaluable given how competitive it is to get into nursing schools and the nursing profession these days.

    I primarily don't recommend Hopkins because they don't really care much for their BSN programs. Their reputation, prestige and emphasis is on their Master's Degree, which attracts a better and more motivated staff than the BSN professors (the majority of which I found to be uninspiring and unsupportive, esp. if you are a minority.) They frequently adopt an you-should-feel-lucky-to-be-at-hopkins attitude, which will only frustrate and annoy you the closer you are to graduation. Adding salt to those wounds, is that Baltimore is not the best city and it's reputation for drugs and violence is close to accurate, even if a little exaggerated.

    I also didnt like the cutthroat, ultracompetitive nature of the student body. Hopkins attracts a certain kind of student, many of whom come from prestige either through previous education or personal wealth. Neurotic and self aggrandizing types were pretty common.

    If you are going to invest that kind of money, look into Duke which has a far more amicable staff, facilities of equal excellence and a cheaper cost of living in a much better and more student/college oriented area.
  8. by   tinatac
    Thanks for the insight! It's helpful because I'm trying to decide if I want to apply early decision or not. If I'm accepted, I have to go. I really don't think I will be accepted, but just in case! I'm really hoping for Quinnipiac since it's 20 minutes from my house.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your information. I am applying to Duke as well but that's another longshot!
  9. by   MarwaT
    Hey PoetWhittier! I remember you from other posts! I can't remember which thread but I remember your username

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for your input. I wanted to hear the good and the bad. I am also participating in this other thread for applicants for another school and the same thing was said about the money not being worth it. I am so so hesitant about JHU's tuition but they have awesome programs that apply to exactly what I want. Since attending their open house I learned about a lot of awesome things they have.

    Firstly, I love love research and totally want to be a part of that. I met with a faculty member there who is specifically a research nurse! She teaches ABSN courses. I feel like if I can find one awesome professor who can help me with exactly what I want, I'm good (it's worked like that before for me haha!).

    Secondly, they have this other really cool class where you can be a birth companion (aka doula). Wow, I have totally wanted to witness a birth so I think it's great they offer a class like this. They also have this other 1 credit class that can get you experience by connecting with youth around the city. I like all these extra classes that helps you get experience.

    Thirdly, yes Baltimore might not be the coolest city but it has a huge under-served poor community. I have been primarily applying to universities with a community like that because I feel like this will get me the most out of what I want from my nursing education. By the way I have a degree in public health and I mostly will be pursuing areas like that.

    Lol they have me soooooo sold!

    As for the students...I expect that honestly. It can get like that in a lot of nursing programs. The open house had really really nice students (especially the VP of the nursing program). One student did mention how it is difficult to get any of the extracurricular activities in since the program takes up so much time. I liked that cause it was super honest. I could see myself dealing with the same problem.

    Still, the campus was really nice. I like that nursing students get to play with a dummy patient which is part of a study to improve nursing education.

    I totally respect your opinion but this is the impression I got. I'm not sure if this part of the promises they don't follow through on but I would love to be a part of this program.
  10. by   MarwaT
    tinatac...basically thumbs up from the open house.

    As for the early decision, it isn't binding. You just get your application looked at sooner and get a reply faster.

    Also in terms of what they are looking for in an application, they want to see passion and really why you want to be a nurse. The kind of applicant they are looking for is someone who has academic skills and personality. If you have any parts of your transcripts that would raise a red flag, explain it in a cover letter.

    Something I didn't know about is this clinical residency program they have. I think it is rolling applications and the program starts in January. You might want to check that out.

    Oh also I found out that there's a new hospital opening in April so jobs for us! There's also a new high rise that will be housing the medical and nursing students. One last thing that I liked was free printing (lol). I mean printing presentations get seriously expensive.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  11. by   tinatac
    Really? On the paper application it says something about if you get accepted, you need to send in your $500 deposit and withdraw all other applications.

    I will probably do early decision anyway since I don't see myself getting into JHU haha. We'll see!
  12. by   MarwaT
    Have faith tinatac! I feel the same way but I'm going to wait until they decide.

    Honestly, this question was asked during the discussion and that is what she said. You would be asked to withdraw your applications but I don't think you have to. It's not 'binding'.
  13. by   tinatac
    Well that's good then!
  14. by   leenak
    I'm not applying for summer but do plan to apply for Fall. I'm lucky in that I have saved up the money for tuition as I am a career changer. I don't want to leave Maryland so don't plan to apply to any schools that would require me to move. The idea of commuting to Baltimore makes me a bit nervous. I live about an hour away by car. I've figured out a few options like parking at BWI and taking the light rail? The Marc also seems like a possibility.

    The public health aspect of JHU really attracts me. I would really like to work in a community with a need for adequate healthcare. Not to say that UMD wouldn't also have similar opportunities. I also plan to apply there as well and also possibly George Washington. Both of those seem more suburban to me though. (GWU is in NOVA vs DC)