Simmons FNP Direct Entry 2013

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    Who is applying? Application is due soon!

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    I applied!
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    Great, yeah I am working on my essay at the moment. Will give in the application by mid December.
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    I applied! Don't think we will hear back for a while though...
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    Anyone hear any news on when admission decisions will be mailed out?
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    I called the admissions office last week because they had a question about my pre-reqs and the (really nice!) woman who answered the phone told me that my application was being reviewed and that I should hear the week of Feb. 11th. I submitted the application only a few days before the due date and didn't get my assorted transcripts/recommendation letters in until the day of, so people who submitted theirs earlier should hear earlier, theoretically... Good luck!
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    Thank you!
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    That's awesome news I'm surprised they were able to turn around the decisions so quickly!
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    Quote from BrittanyNicole90
    Thank you!
    I can't send private messages yet but I heard from Simmons on Wednesday, so their decisions must have gone out this week. Good luck everyone!
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    Has anyone else heard back yet?

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