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    I started this thread and ended up not applying to Simmons. Just a FYI
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    Why did you choose not to apply? Where else did you apply (get accepted)?
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    I applied to very few schools. Only 4 so far:

    In order of preference:
    1)UIC (deadline is march 1)
    2) UCSF
    3) Marquette (accepted)
    4) western university of health sciences (withdrew my application because I got into Marquette).

    I ended up not applying to Simmons because I didn't particularly find commonalities with the program and my career path/my learning style. I'm sure it's a great program but from my research it just didn't match my interests anymore. In addition, I wasn't ready to make a move to Boston right now. I am a SF native and Boston is just a little too far now that I think about it
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    @rainkissedleaves: Thank you for responding even though you didn't reply. I'm a native Californian myself! Undergrad brought me out East.

    @everyoneelse: No other acceptances? If so, would love to swap any information we've collected about SC thus far.