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Shortest Direct-Entry Masters program?

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I am gathering information and trying to shore up my "Plan B" in case things go screwy and I can't start my ADN or BSN program this Fall.

    I've been looking at these Direct-entry generic MSN programs and they look interesting.

    Which Direct-entry program is the shortest? I am great under pressure and have no problem with 2+years of all out intense study. I've done it before.

    I have every intention of practicing at the bedside for years and years and I'm even SERIOUSLY considering Navy/Army/Airforce nursing after I get the license. I don't see getting the MSN as a 'step-up". I just want my graduate degree before I join the military and turn 35. I'm focused on school and really want to get started.

    If any of you are in a direct-entry program, I would appreciate your comments.
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    Boston College has a direct entry program where you can graduate in 2 years with an MSN and you specialize as an NP or CNS. But you don't get an additional bachelor's degree. When I was looking, that was the shortest one I found
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    thank you. I will check them out. Any more suggestions/comments?
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    I just wanted to add that if you plan on the Army (and I am assuming other branches) a BSN is required. They wouldn't commission you as a nurse with an ADN and I am not sure what they would do with the generic MSN (I would guess it would be okay, but I am not sure). So, if that really is a realistic plan for you, take that into consideration. Maybe talked to a Health Services Recruiter.