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Samuel Merritt ELMSN/FNP Fall 2013 Sacramento - page 2

Hi Everyone, I haven't seen this thread yet and as the application date (July 1) looms closer I thought I would start one. I am interested to know who is applying, what your undergraduate degree of... Read More

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    Thanks KC that's good information to have.
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    Thanks for posting with information. I, too, have not heard anything back concerning my packet. I sent it on June 30, hopefully we both receive notice this week.
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    Hello Lenaelle,

    I applied to the ELM/FNP program, my undergraduate degree is in Health Administration with an Emphasis on Management. I would really like to work in primary care. Just today, I heard a report on NPR discussing the shortage of primary care physicians in the Sacramento area. How did your TEAS go? Good luck with your application!!
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    Hi everyone,
    I'm from out east but I'm interested in this program. I try to take school websites and rankings with a grain of salt and I just wanted to you know what people had heard about this school/program . Thank you!
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    Ahhh... feeling more worried now...

    I still haven't received anything from SMU.

    If I haven't gotten a confirmation, does that mean that I didn't meet their requirements?
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    Hi Lenaelle,
    I received confirmation about the ABSN program but not the ELMSN and I sent my applications on the same day. So, I think they just have a lot of applications to sort through. Everyone will get a confirmation that their application was received, it has nothing to do with meeting their qualifications (that is a separate email).

    I would wait until next week and call to check the status.
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    Has anyone received a confirmation email from SMU for EL-MSN program? Or it is just me. I have been waiting patiently for three to four weeks now. I think I may try to reach them this week for some updates.
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    I have not heard anything either.
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    Yes. I applied for the ELMSN/FNP track and I got a confirmation email.
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    Patience is a virtue I do not possess however I am holding onto what Liza told me it could take 4 weeks or more to get all of the confirmations sent out.
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    Hi all! This is my second time applying to the Sac campus, and it does take them some time to get all the emails out. I received confirmation on July 6th that my application was received, but remember, they have hundreds of applications so it's a long process! I am sure you will get your emails soon, as interviews will start in August. Good luck!
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    Hi All,

    Still waiting for that confirmation. This waiting process is so nerve-wracking. Have any of you looked into other schools/programs?
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    Yes! I spent last year applying to multiple schools, with no success. I am on the waitlist right now for 2 of them, but it does not look promising.... There are a few schools in SoCal adding this type of entry level program for 2013. It's a very competitive field, with each school usually only having 25-30 slots in a class! You have to keep trying I guess