RODP FNP in TN? Anyone?

  1. Hello all...I've searched through and found that some of you have or are currently in the RODP program for FNP through Tennessee...can anyone update me on this? Do you like it? Would you recommend it/do it again? Im hoping to get my home school of MTSU...also for those of you that you have to have some classes such as adv pharm and assessment done first? I can't get definitive answers through the website..Thanks so much!
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    I have attended RODP in the past before I decided to take the nursing route and actually enjoyed it. I love how their online program works and how it is associated with a home campus so you have the campus for assistance as needed. I applied last summer for their MSN-NP program and was accepted with APSU as my home campus. I have put off starting the courses until this summer semester which starts in June and I absolutely cannot wait. As far as what classes are taken when I am not sure but if I find out I will let you know since I will be starting in a few months. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for letting me know. I will know whether or not I get accepted to APSU by next week. I will also be starting this summer. I plan to take Pathophysiology this summer, Pharmacology this Fall, and Health Assessment next Spring. After that I will hopefully be able to find places to do my clinicals and if not I will take the other general courses.
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    Let me know if your in... Maybe we can be distant study buddies lol
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    Ok I will let you know.
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    I technically have not posted enough on here to use private messages, but to respond to yours: I am thinking about taking patho but I too want to research it a little more. I want to know how much work it will be because I am considering taking advance pharm as well.
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    The RODP (Regents Online Distance Program) NP program is offered through the 6 TN universities (APSU, ETSU, MTSU, TSU, TTU, UM). I'm unsure if out-of-state students can apply. Does anyone know?
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    I am an out of state student and I will be starting the program this summer. I currently live in southeast MO and it wasn't a factor at all.
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    I talked with my adviser and she recommended Theory and Research first semester so I think that is what I am going to go with. I will be more than happy to get the Research course out of the way first lol. Let me know what you decide.
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    I will let you know. I dont have much time to decide but I will have to soon. lol
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    Hey everyone, I applied for the summer semester and BARELY made the admissions deadline and had everything submitted on April 29....I am still waiting to hear anything and am FREAKING long did it take to get the admissions decision? My application status still says "referred to maj grad comm"...Thanks! I really hope I will be joining you!
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    Call the school of nursing and ask when they meet again.