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Reasonably priced online MSN program?

  1. 0 Looking for a reasonably priced (cheap) online MSN program. Any suggestions Please?
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    Start with your "in state" public colleges and universities. They are generally much less expensive for state residents than out of state schools and/or private schools -- and most of the state universities are of at least reasonable quality. Many (most) major state universities have online options now.

    Going to a public out-of-state will probably increase the price tag.

    Private schools are usually much more expensive -- and while some are of excellent quality, some private schools are run on a "for-profit" basis that focus more on taking your money than providing you with a high quality education.
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    It depends on what track you are looking for. For Nurse Educator, The University of Wyoming and Mansfield University in PA are very affordable. Both totally online with clinical/practicum in your own area.