A question for those aspiring to enter a Nurse Practitioner (NP) program in 2011...

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    So starting in 2015, you won't be able to work as an NP unless you have a Doctorate in Nursing (DNP).

    Since I'm sure most (if not all of you) plan on working as RNs while completing your MSN program to become an NP, are any of you worried that you won't finish your program by the 2015 deadline?

    Do you worry about what would happen if you graduated with your MSN *in* 2015?

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    The "DNP-mandatory-in-2015" idea is a proposal by the AACN and some of the other academic nursing organizations -- as of now, it is not a requirement. While lots of graduate programs are converting their advanced practice MSN programs into DNP programs and many people may have great trouble finding an MSN program nearby by 2015, I've not heard anything about any state making plans to require a DNP for advanced practice licensure.
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