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Pros/Cons of Umass Worcester GEP Program - page 4

I've decided on the Adult/Gero Primary Care track and would really appreciate some input regarding the program, campus, etc at Umass Worcester. I was also accepted at MGH, which was originally my... Read More

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    Do any of you know if health insurance is included in the tuition amounts that they list in the handbook? It says inclusive of all fees...but i'm not sure if health insurance counts as a fee.
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    So did you all make your final decisions? Who will be attending UMass?
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    I don't think so. Not positive, but I think I'm going to Johns Hopkins.
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    I will be attending. I'm in the GEP to DNP program and I can't wait! Anyone else (either the GEP or the GEP to DNP)?
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    GEP for adult gero primary. The dnp is only for family right now. If they change, I will continue for my dnp tooo
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    Great! I look forward to meeting you. I am currently on a mini-vacation so I haven't received my package yet. Do you (or does anyone) know if/when we have an orientation?
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    Hello Everyone,
    I got accepted to MGH Adult/gero and to Umass for FNP, and I am really torn on which one to attend.. I wanted FNP but at MGH I was waitlisted but they offered me admission to Adult instead.. my main concern about Umass is the lack of BSN does anyone know someone who attend Umass and have more info to share..

    Thank you all
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    I don't know anyone that has attended, however when I went to interview I was told that 100% of the NP students have jobs upon graduation (and this is without a BSN). That works for me! From everything I've read, it seems like if you are going on to your Master's, the BSN is not as important. But what do I know. I guess I'll find out.

    I received my package and it answered my questions about orientation. June 17th. Who's attending?
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    @blizz108 I will be attending the Orientation on the 17th! GEP FNP!
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    See you tomorrow!
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    Hi everyone. Not sure if people are still looking at this forum but I just recently got accepted into the Adult Acute Care program at Umass. I was set on going to MGH, paid my deposit and was pretty much enrolled but just had my interview with Umass for the hell of it and ended up loving everything about Umass EXCEPT the location. I can't pass up the amount of money I will save by going to Umass instead of MGH, but the drive from the boston area which is where I live now is going to kill me. Just wondering if anyone will be starting at Umass in the fall and is coming from the Boston area? Or if anyone has done this before? Also, does anyone have insight on if I am making the right choice in going to Umass over MGH? I heard the programs are pretty comparable, but am nervous that giving up the "MGH" name will hurt me later on when trying to get a job in Boston. Thoughts?