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I've decided on the Adult/Gero Primary Care track and would really appreciate some input regarding the program, campus, etc at Umass Worcester. I was also accepted at MGH, which was originally my... Read More

  1. by   cptthrace
    Yes - I got in! Really excited but conflicted. Have you made your final decision yet?
  2. by   DizzyD25
    Me too and I'm feeling the exact same way. I thought waiting would be the most difficult part, but it certainly isn't.
  3. by   cptthrace
    Do you know how long we have to tell UMass? I forgot to ask about that. Any progress on the decision?
  4. by   DizzyD25
    I asked what I needed to do and she said we will be getting a large packet in the mail within about a week or so that will have all the information we will need. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Umass. My best friend's mom is a nurse and asked around. She talked to someone who taught at various schools in Boston who said that both schools are excellent and to base your decision on: debt, cost of living etc, the overall feel you had when you imterviewed or attended the campus, she said we will find jobs after both programs, and that MGH does slightly more research compared to Umass, so if you really are interested in research this is something to consider. She didn't think the BSN was too big of a deal. Having talked to other people, they aren't too concerned about it either. It's a perk, no doubt, but shouldn't be the deciding factor from what I'm told. I loved UMW's campus, feel, program, the cost is AMAZING as well as the cost of living. What are you thinking????
  5. by   bosfnp2b
    Sorry - I've been without internet access for a few days. Congrats on your acceptances I'm interviewing this week, so fingers crossed! Any pointers for the interview? Did they only cover the questions that were outlined in the confirmation email?

    I think you will do just fine without the many people have gone through the program and have found jobs after, so I can't imagine that you will have a different experience as long as you work hard. The best piece of advice that anyone has given me during this whole process is to 'pursue whatever works best for you, not what others think is best'. It sounds like you've found the right fit!
  6. by   bosfnp2b
    @DizzyD25 Also, did you have any luck getting in contact with MGH about visiting the campus, etc? I think I am going to see if they will let me come in for a tour, etc. sometime this or next...
  7. by   whatatreat86
    Hello! I'm glad I finally found a thread about UMW because I haven't been able to find any information about it! Has everyone who applied there heard back yet? I, unfortunately, sent in my application right before the deadline. I know that they do rolling admissions, so I feel like if I haven't heard anything by now, I didn't get in...It was my #2 school because of the cost! But I think I am going to end up going BC, since I've actually heard back from them
  8. by   bosfnp2b
    So I think the interview went well I won't know for sure until the first week of March, and I know that it is a very competetive program, so we shall see...

    I didn't hear until last week and I submitted right before the deadline as well, so I wouldn't worry yet!
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  9. by   blizz108
    Is anyone still reading this thread? I have my interview for the GEP to DNP next week (very excited!). Has anyone found out further information about the GEP or UMW? Any more acceptances?
  10. by   bosfnp2b
    Nothing yet - i'm supposed to hear end of this week/early next.

    Good luck!
  11. by   DizzyD25
    Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been on! I'm definitely attending. I've heard nothing but great things about UMW's program. My PCP who has MGH NPs working for her said that UMW is harder than MGH to get into and is an AMAZING school. Has anyone heard? if so what is your decision?? Orientation is in June fyi I'm currently looking for apts. Went today to scope out the area and have looked at many units in local condos. We can't advertise for roomates, so if anyone is rooming please PM me. Rumor has it you have to start early to get into safe decent apts.
  12. by   tadams22
    Got in for acute care!
  13. by   blizz108
    I had my interview yesterday. Now I'm patiently (not patiently) waiting to hear. I've already paid my deposit at Simmons, but I so want in at UMW.

    Is that my phone ringing? <---- The question I ask myself 50 times a day.