Online ACNP & ANP BSN-MSN programs

  1. I'm looking into online ANP & ACNP programs. If you a current student or recent graduate and are interested in telling me how great/not so great your school is, please answer the following questions:

    1. Which school/program are you attending/graduated from? Do you recommend this program?
    2. Do/did you attend full time or part time? Do you recommend taking the program part time or full time? Why?
    3. How long does it take to complete the program (how many semesters part/full time)?
    4. Do/did you work as an RN while in school? If so, how many hours/shifts per week? Was it manageable?
    5. Do you highly recommend working as an RN before school? In your opinion, How many years of RN experience at a minimum is important to have before becoming an NP?
    6. Which unit would you recommend working on before ANP/ACNP school?
    7. How intense is the program (scale of 1-10)?
    8. Graduate: do you feel like the program prepared you for the boards/practice as an ANP/ACNP?
    9. Were there any on campus requirements (testing, orientation)?
    10. How did testing work? Were they open notes? Time limit?
    11. Were there online lectures and notes posted? Were there virtual classrooms? OR Did you have to teach yourself everything out of the book?
    12. How much did the program cost?
    13. Was there good communication between faculty/teachers and students?
    14. Do you feel like the instructors were knowledgeable? Did the teachers actually teach (through online lectures/virtual classrooms) or were they mostly there for grading/questions?
    15. Is the school fully accredited? Did you have a hard time finding a job because of the school you went to?
    16. Was it hard to find preceptors? Did the school help you find preceptors or placed you?

    Thanks for your help!
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