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I wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to OHSU's Accelerated Bacc to Master's for the 2012 cohort. This way we can keep each other informed when we hear anything. I have applied to the Acc Bacc for Nurse Midwifery. Go... Read More

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    I was also told that it is much easier to get in to the midwifery program if you already have your BSN. In fact, when I asked about it before I applied last fall, I was told that the previous year, they had more than 100 applicants for the ABSN to Midwifery program for 8 slots, but they only had two RN applicants to the midwifery program.

    Also, I'm happy to share my specific stats with anyone who wants to PM me, but I agree with whoever said that they probably don't give a lot of weight to your numbers. I have nearly a 4.0 for my undergrad (and a 4.0 in prerequisites) and a great GRE score and it took me three applications to be accepted. The first two times, they told me they wanted to see more birth experience and more leadership experience. I've lived overseas, speak conversational Spanish and German, and was a doula the last two times I applied. My advice is to make your essays outstanding and prepare well for the interview!

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    Out of curiosity, how old were those of you accepted? I was 22 at the time of my application and was interviewed. Although I have birth experience and medical experience, I feel that because of my age I might not have had the "life experience" they are looking for.
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    I'm 32. (31 at time of application)
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    I'm 32, having been 31 at the time of application as well.
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