Nursing specialty/experience before starting FNP clinicals?

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    I am in a non-BSN to DNP program and I am about to graduate from the bachelors portion of the program. Normally students go straight though the program without taking time to work after getting their BSN. I have decided to take a year off to get experience as an RN. That said, I would like to know what nursing specialty would best prepare me to be an FNP. I would like to be a primary care provider when I am finished with school. I currently work as a nurse tech in an ER and I am completing my senior capstone in one. I am just beginning to apply for jobs, and wanted to get some opinions. Med-surg? ED? Anything else?

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    Dont quit to work! Keep going and look for a job while still in school. I for one would regret it in a year to know that I could be almost done and stopped.
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    Too late for that now! I think (and I have heard from several others) that having experience as an RN before getting an advanced degree is recommended. But, I digress, the choice has already been made. Now its just to find a job.
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    Well most people are gonna say start in medsurg... but it depends on what kind of FNP you want to be or your future plans.

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