Northeastern University BSN/MSN option

  1. I'm thinking about applying to Northeastern University's BSN/MSN program after I graduate from school next May. Does anyone have any information about how the program is, and how hard it might be to try to work part time and pursue a full time school curriculum? Also, the application requirements mention having 'at least 1 year of recent clinical experience.' Can nursing school clinical count for this or do they mean RN employment? Any advice is much appreciated!!
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  3. by   brendajs
    I am currently in this program. I got my BSN from there now working towards MSN. I work fulltime and keep fulltime+ hours in school. It is doable but is time consuming! The instructors are amazing and down to earth. I wasn't aware of the clinical requirement. I would definately call them and ask. They are very approachable and helpful! I liked that if you had any prereqs to complete you could begin the program and work on them anytime. Hope this helps!
  4. by   bigeyes4
    That's interesting about the prereqs. I have four prereqs to complete and then assuming all goes well, I have a spot in the January 2013 group for the direct entry BSN/MSN. It would have been nice to start while doing the prereqs piecemeal. I have to take nutrition, chemistry, Developmental Psych and statitstics. I guess it would be a little hard with the chemistry. The lab monopolizes a whole afternoon. I am excited. can't wait! any comments about the program would be welcome. Do they use the Taylor Fundamentals of Nursing book? I have a lot of nursing books (long story) and wonder if I might be able to use some of them. they're only a semester old. I have a nutrition book by Karcher, and the Ackley NANDA book too. Thank you all for your help!