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Marquette University MSN Direct Entry Fall 2013 - page 6

WHO'S APPLYING???! :wavey: I started a thread because I didn't see any!... Read More

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    I'm pediatric acute care! What other schools did you apply to?
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    This may be a stupid question but why does it matter if you don't get the BSN and simply get MSN? Wouldn't you become NP after you graduate? How does not having (or visa versa) having a BSN affect your job?
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    Hopefulnurse24 - That's great! I bet we'll have some of the same classes during the MSN phase. I also applied to University of Rochester, Johns Hopkins, University of Wisconsin, and George Washington. What about you? MU and UR are my top choices. What schools did you apply to?

    Rainkissedleaves - I don't think it will make much of a difference once we graduate and obtain certification. I would feel more comfortable investing the time and money knowing I had a BSN to fall back on in case I face some unforeseeable emergency/challenge later on in the program where I'm unable to complete the degree. However, I know that even if that were to be the case I'd still have options. For me, a BSN would serve as a sort of security blanket since I've been told many hospitals prefer to hire BSNs. We do have the advantage of already holding an undergraduate degree, though.
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    Many hospitals want the BSN and it could prove to be difficult when looking for a bedside RN job. You need a bedside RN job before practicing as NP, especially if you want to be a great NP. It's imperative to work as an RN before working as an NP. And I know of one hospital that will only hire NPs with a BSN and an MSN.... so it could be a problem, but maybe not in Milwaukee where Marquette is a well-respected program.

    AlmondB, why MU and UR over Johns Hopkins? I applied to Penn (waitlisted), and I am waiting to hear from Hopkins, Duke (invited to interview and will be going next week), and NYU. NYU is my last choice.
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    hopefulnurse24 - Johns Hopkins isn't my top choice due to tuition. Although the cost is listed as $77,000, I've heard students are quoted over $100,000 by financial aid. Unfortunately, I can't make that kind of investment for a BSN since my long term goal is to obtain an MSN. Marquette would be my absolute top choice if they awarded a BSN for the 15 month portion of the program. I've chosen Marquette for a few reasons, including: it's excellent reputation for training highly skilled nurses, location, cost for an advanced degree, and my professional goals and values. University of Rochester is a top choice for similar reasons and also because I'm currently enrolled in a different MS program here (leaving to pursue nursing degree). What is your top choice?
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    My top choice is Duke for many reasons, but I would be happy at Marquette, Duke or JHU. Duke is expensive but has a great loan repayment option (around $50,000 if you work for Duke Hospital and the Duke graduates have no difficulty getting jobs at Duke Hospital), the PNP-AC program also allows you to sit for the NNP exam (so I would be more marketable), the cost of living is not high at all in Durham, it's driving distance to my hometown (around 10 hours), and it's a great program with an amazing reputation.

    Did you apply for any scholarships at JHU? I understand what you're saying about cost! It's very high, and Baltimore is expensive (and kind of scary). MU is not that expensive, especially for a private school... but they only offer loans, no financial aid in the form of grants or scholarship.
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    I called Rochester and the lady said when applying for jobs as a NP, you already have a bachelors. Some programs have BSN and others integrate it in their masters program. But she was confused as to why it would be so important for a NP to get a job when she's a NP.
    And that's where I am confused. I was planning on doing part time school after I get my license (RN) So I could get the RN experience and also be at school pursing my masters.
    The NP that I shadowed told me she did the the direct entry program as well and without any experience as a RN she directly applied for the NP job and got it. I understand it depends on location and the hospital as well....
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    Interesting..... Thanks a bunch for sharing!
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    Anyone start the background and record check?
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    Nah I haven't yet. I will later this week.
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    2013RNhopeful - I started, but stopped after reading Karen's e-mail about the code error.
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    I never got an email about the code error.. what did it say?