Marquette University MSN Direct Entry Fall 2013 - page 6

WHO'S APPLYING???! :wavey: I started a thread because I didn't see any!... Read More

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    I'd say somewhere around 1,000 with everything. I don't know of furnished ones but I can ask around I'm sure there's some

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    I was accepted yesterday too, yay! I am planning on accepting, Marquette was my first choice. I'm from Wisconsin orginally but I did my undergrad at the University of Michigan so I'll be moving from Ann Arbor. Feel free to email me: ambrmlr at umich dot edu
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    Awesome! How far from Milwaukee are you from originally?
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    If I choose Marquette (I am still putting my 500 down regardless) .... Maybe we can live close to each other/be housemates! That would be nice
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    Hey there! That would be good! I am thinking about making a Marquette Nursing Facebook page for us all to join! I think I'm probably putting my $500 down as well.
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    I'm from the Madison area, and yes make a fb ground and post the link here!
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    All I've heard of with MU MSN is from a friend who started attending 2 years ago. She said that the teachers are good. Cost is expensive due to it being a private school? something like $50,000 for the first year? Another big problem for her was thinking she would be done in 3 years total, but according to her "finishing in 3 years is an anomaly" and it will take her 4 years minimum because going full time for the grad portion is nearly impossible.
    Overall she enjoys it but also had to find her own preceptor for womens health.
    Other than that I've heard it's a decent program.
    I decided against MU last year and went with somewhere closer to home (Emory in Atlanta)
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    Was your friend from Wisconsin? My main concern is not receiving a BSN. Also, does anyone know where clinical rotations are completed? Thanks for the input!
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    She was from Florida. Did her undergrad at UF. Not getting a BSN was a huge thing for me (hence Emory for me. BSN/MSN segway option but also I just couldn't fund the money/loans for classes for 4 years plus living).
    Not sure on the clinical rotations?
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    That's where I go for undergrad right now! I would LOVE to talk to her. Do you think she'd be open to this?

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