Looking for NEW Feedback on Frontier's Nurse Midwifery Program (CNEP)- Good or Bad!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I know there are a TON of threads on here about Frontier's midwifery program but most of them are pretty old. I'm hoping some current students and maybe recent CNM grads can chime in about your experience with the school and program. Was it as dramatically positive as the older threads say? Were there any major issues? If so, were they small enough that you'd choose to attend again? Besides looking for general impressions of the program, my two biggest questions are:

    1.) Does the online work ever feel isolating? Or do they manage to make you feel connected? I much prefer the idea of sitting in a classroom with other students, with an instructor who can give immediate feedback. But there is only one local program near me, and it has no financial aid. I want to feel like I'm a part of something, not just alone with my computer. Does Frontier manage to overcome this?

    2.) I'm an RN and recent BSN grad (second degree accelerated student), with 3 years of doula and lactation educator experience. Also, I did my senior practicum on a maternity floor and was very independent by graduation. I'm also in the process of becoming CBE certified. Frontier does not necessary require a year of nursing for the midwifery students - other work in the birth field will suffice. I've spoken with the director and she was very encouraging about me applying but some of the admissions counselors said that it could make it more difficult to find a clinical site. My question is, has anyone had a classmate with a similar background and did they have difficulty finding a site?

    Thanks in advance!!
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