Is it possible to finish MSN in 1 year?

  1. Hi. I graduated with my BSN at 21 in 1996. During undergrad partied alot and GPA suffered(2.70). Was immature and didn't realize importance of GPA until now since looking into Grad schools for FNP admission. I am in the process of applying to 3 schools for my MSN-FNP. I know that admission is competitive and looking at a "plan B" to obtain my goal. If I don't get accepted to FNP program (not being negative,just realistic), I was thinking I could finish a MSN with Nursing Education Tract (they will accept my GPA) in 1 year. The classes are done in quarters and I will be able to go full time. I could then get my FNP from the same school as a post-masters certificate. Does my plan sound like it is obtainable? All feedback is appreciated.
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  3. by   Barinbass
    It sounds very reasonable to me. I am not sure about finishing in one year though. Most programs I have looked at are over at leasrt two years. I found one ANP program that can be completed in one year and applied, but I would like to find another or two as back-ups in case I do not get admitted. I thought about getting my MSN in one area and then doing the certificate as you have mentioned. At present, I am trying to transfer to an online school to complete my MSN. Your plan is very reasonable just as long as you want the particular MSN area you will be getting it in. Barainbass
  4. by   celclt
    Vanderbilt= start August, finish the following August if you have BSN already! and it is distance with weekend blocks on campus
  5. by   BSNwannaFNP
    Thank you both for your responses. I applied to Lewis University for MSN Education tract. It's expensive, but offers trimester and I'll finish in 1 year if I go full-time. I will look onto Vanderbilt as an alternate.