Help needed!! Graduating soon but Project may end my career!!

  1. Hello I need your help, I have one final course to go in my MSN, NP program, but we have to do a scholarly project to get out. This one hour project is a one hour course that is Pass Fail that we have to present to faculty also has 10 formal papers inside it. It looks like a dissertation with chapters. My problem is that I do not do bad work. I have a 3.5 over all GPA at the school, and an A in my other course ongoing now, invited to join Sigma Theta Tau. I finished the first half last semester but this second half is what I write about. This prof will not address my questions directly, sent what she wanted in one paper which I wrote exactly to include all she said, but naturally she will not pass it and sent it back saying that I have as of yet passed the course but all papers have been written. There is Nothing concrete, and it is like flying a plane with no flight plan. NO teaching at all. I really feel she is jerking me around and not at all being professional. I don't think I will ever get around her to be able to finish the program. What should I do? I have talked to my advisor who is no help and just refers me back to the prof. She did inform the one over my prof who is nice but who may protect her staff instead of me. I talked to one of my former preceptors, a FNP, who is so helpful and on my aside and who is supportive. I know others are having problems too but I do fear she is not willing to let me graduate. I had planned on walking next month with the college commencement too. Now I don't know what to do and am very worried!! I hope you can help.
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    I'm not sure of your faith, but I know my God, my Jesus can and will turn it around for you. Ask, trust, pray, and believe in him! Jesus came so that you may have life and live it abundantly. Not in stress, fear, or confusion! Don't let the enemy still your joy, name go get your blessing!
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    Do not give up dear friend'
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    Thank you for responding and for the support. I have written and asked to talk with the one who can offer clarity and options. Funny you should mention faith as the school has a religious affiliation. Faith can seem less powerful when those in authority here hold my future in their hands. Thanks