Help! ASN wants BSN but has a BA

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    Hi fellow Nurses. I have a very old BA and an 8 year old ASN but i want to go back to school to get my BSN, MSN and maybe even PhD. I've started looking at on-line places and classroom. i'm 50 soon and think that if I could do most of it on-line that would be great, however, I will be living between Montana and Hawaii. I have travel nursed in four different states but feel ready to settle down and teach. Any suggestions?

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    Look at Arizona State University. I am 50+ and just earned mt BSN after having a ASN. It is all on line and they use mixed media. Teachers record parts of class they use wide range of teaching resources. You can call your professors and e-mail them. I was very pleased with all that I learned. Classes are 7.5 weeks long you can do it fast or at a slower pace. We had students from every state and many countries. You must learn APA format but they teach you that.
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    Why the BSN? The MSN will be sufficient if you want to work as an NP. What are your career goals? I am not sure the benefit of getting both PhD and MSN, If you want to just teach, why not go for just a PhD or DNP?
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