1. Hi all! Looking for advice because I don't really know my options. After some time at school I am now more than halfway done with my associate degree RN. I'd like to get my BSN but considering I am only a few more classes away from getting a BA in Health Science I am wondering if i should do RN-MSN track. If I were to do so my interest lies in midwifery. I am from CT. Can anyone give me more information on what or how to take the next action? How long would this track take? Online? Cost? Etc. thank you!
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    I'm an ASN RN who is pursuing the BSN. The length of the RN-msn would depend on the college. What I've seen so far, each RN-MSN track has BSN nursing courses as pre-reqs. Some colleges will grant both the BSN and the MSN degree once you complete the MSN. With the BA almost completed, I would definitely look into how much credit you will be allowed and keep going for the MSN. as far as midwifery and Conneticut, ain't got a clue. I don't do maternity nursing by any sorts and I live in Georgia. One of the moderators here, Lunah-RN is working on her Masters. You might want to ask her. Or post your question under the degrees link. That might help more. Good luck with those babies!