Grades for grad school.

  1. I've been thinking a lot about grad school even though I am still in a prelicensure program mainly because I am in a 12 month accelerated BSN. This is has got me thinking about grades and whether or not I can get into grad school. First off, do grad schools take into account accelerated vs. non-accelerated? Secondly, I am currently getting solid grades. Several A's and B's. No C's yet. What I'm wondering is, are A's and B's with a C or two enough to get in? My med surg classes are killer yet I am probably going to have all B's in them. Do grad school want straight A's or am I on the right track? I'm interested mainly in CRNA school at the moment. Thanks!
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  3. by   BostonFNP
    Focus right now on getting the best grades you can; the better they are the better your chances.

    I don't know much about CRNA programs, and perhaps a CRNA colleague will chime in, but I can speak to MSN programs. They are very competitive, and are becoming more competitive each cycle, at least at the quality schools. You will likely need all As and Bs to be considered (most good grad programs require you score higher than a B in each class to progress).

    If your grades are lower, line up some great references. You will likely have to work a few years in the ICU or equivalent level for CRNA school. It may take you a few years to web land an ICU position. Use that time to network and demonstrate your aptitude.
  4. by   mr cooper
    Yeah, the ICU is my goal and I'm expecting it to take some time to get there. I'm getting solid grades, but I just have to wonder how much better they could have been had I gone to a 2 year program. Oh well!